Sébastien Devaud is “on the go” with Petrol Bags

Sébastien Devaud's equipment is always within reach in the bags by Petrol Bags

When Sébastien Devaud arrives on set, he gets off his motorbike, takes off his backpack, and immediately begins setting up his equipment. In his Petrol Bags backpack, there is space for everything he needs for a day of shooting: DSLR crane, tripod, two fluid heads, jib-arm, monitor, and weights.

"For me, the Deca Tripod Cage by Petrol Bags is the perfect bag," Devaud raves. "With the trolley system, I can comfortably move all of the equipment around the set in spite of the weight and then get back on my bike with all equipment conveniently stowed." For his shoots, Sébastien Devaud uses the Tripod Cage (PT701) as well as the DSLR Camera Rollpak (PD337) and the Deca Dr. Bag (PC002) by Petrol Bags, a part of Vitec Videcom, a Vitec Group company.

Always on the move
During Sébastien Devaud’s recent commercial shoot, he had to once again meet the demands of quick set changes, diverse filming conditions, and working under pressure. In the studio, in the forest, in a garage, in a moving car, or in a fitness class – with the DSLR Camera Rollpak by Petrol Bags, Devaud can comfortably transport his securely stowed camera support. Thanks to the extra-large U-shaped opening, the creative filmmaker can easily reach all of his equipment and immediately begin working. "I feel like part of a new generation which passionately works to capture good images and always uses the newest gadgets. Petrol Bags helps me to do this; the bags dependably protect my high-quality equipment, yet they are lightweight and compact at the same time," Sébastien Devaud explains.


With both of his production companies AkwabaPROD and BIGSENSORS & FILMS, Devaud works on TV shows, music videos, documentaries, and short films. His work consists of accompanying the production from the beginning to the end: "I organize the preparation of the films all the way to the final cut in post production. I love working with new equipment which changes the traditional rules of production and enables the realization of new ideas." To make this possible, the cinematographer has relied on the innovative bags by Petrol Bags for years and especially recommends them to anyone who wants to work with professional and lightweight equipment.

About Petrol Bags
Petrol Bags is a leading producer of professional carrying bags and accessories for portable cameras, lighting, audio, support and other production equipment. The Petrol Bags product family encompasses a full line of highly protective, flexible, adaptable and extremely portable bags, backpacks, cases, and accessories. Petrol Bags works closely with industry professionals to create carrying systems designed for safe transport as well as quick and easy access on location.
Along with other leading brands in the broadcast and professional videographer industry, Petrol Bags is part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.