RTVA Andorra: 15 years of success with VSN’s solutions


The main Andorran mass media institution, that manages the public radio, TV and Web news platform, trusts for it daily operations in a complete VSN end-to-end system that has celebrated its 15 Anniversary with a recent updating of VSNEXPLORER, VSN’s advanced Media Management solution.

Ràdio i Televisiò d’Andorra (RTVA) is the main mass media company in the country, and it manages the main platforms for information, entertainment and education of the citizens: the public TV, radio and online news platform. For that, it uses a complete end-to-end system based on VSN’s solutions and products. The whole workflow is orchestrated from ingest, studio rooms and continuity to collaborative edition and archive, thanks to VSN’s solutions, that are responsible of guaranteeing that the mass media works in a safe, efficient and easy environment.

The radio television world, more and more competitive each year, constantly demands to the companies in the sector a constant adaptation to new environments and working platforms. For this motive, RTVA has been trusting VSN for more than a decade to solve its needs, being able of delivering quality contents to the public with flexibility and quickness. In fact, RTVA was one of the pioneers in adopting an integrated collaborative system for news production from VSN.


“We decided to install a digital news production environment with archive and we found that VSN was an excellent solution that met our needs and requirements. We have been working with VSN’s system until the very last MAM generation, with perfect results”, declares Joan Ruiz, RTVA’s Technical Director.

In the last few months, VSN has implemented for the Andorran channel the last update of VSNEXPLORER (VSN’s Media Management solution), that manages all the contents for TV (ATV) and for radio (RNA). Among the main advantages of this new system, we can find the preview of contents in low resolution, cataloguing for layer and segments, customizable metadata and integration with VSNCREATV traffic system. This way, thanks to VSN, RTVA Andorra enjoys an open, scalable and modular platform that allows its journalist to work remotely while meeting the new multiplatform distribution needs.