RTS Presents TM-10K Trunk Master

TM-10K Trunk Master provides for intelligent state-of-the-art trunking: Supports configurations from 2 to 255 intercom systems

RTS is pleased to present the TM-10K Trunk Master. Replacing the successful TM-2000 and MTM-2000, the RTS TM-10K offers a bandwidth of new features. With its state-of-the-art functionality, reliability and modern design, the RTS TM-10K fits into any truck application or broadcast control room installation.

The RTS Trunking System manages communications between separate intercom systems using intercom ports reserved and connected between the intercom systems. Keypanels or other data devices can communicate with various destinations in other intercom systems via the reserved intercom ports.

Next generation in RTS Trunk Masters offers full redundancy, dual Ethernet connections and compact dimensions


Key features:
·    Supports configurations from 2 to 255 intercom systems with 10,000 assignable trunk lines

·    Includes dual AC power supplies for full redundancy in mission critical applications

·    Supports dual 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet connections for redundant or segregated network topologies

·    Supports geographically separated Trunk Masters for disaster recovery planning

·    Ethernet and up to 32 RS-485 trunk data connections are both supported

·    Solid state hard drive

·    Compact dimensions: 3.5” x 17” x 18.5” (height x width x depth)