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Ross Video New@NAB 2010

Ross Products at NAB 2010

* Vision QMD & Octane SD & HD Production Switchers
* OverDrive® Automated Production Control System
* XPression 3D HD Character Generator & Graphics Platform
* SoftMetal Video Servers
*  openGear 3G/HD/SD Multi-Definition Terminal Equipment

Vision QMD & Octane SD & HD Production Switchers

Ross Video raises the bar in high end production switchers with the North American launch of Vision Octane, the world’s first 8 MLE switcher. Vision Octane is extremely powerful with 35 Full Screen HD Animation Stores, 24 Channels of 3D DVE with WARP capability, 96 inputs, 48 outputs, and an unprecedented total of 56 Keyers - 32 Full Keyers, 12 AuxKey Mixer / Keyers on the aux bus outputs and 12 DVE key combiners. Vision Octane can be loaded with any number of MLEs from 1 to 8, match any application, and be combined with up to 9 different control panels.

The entire Vision Series ships with a new 3G infrastructure as a standard feature, fulfilling the promise of Vision being a cutting edge product continuously evolving with the marketplace. Stereoscopic 3D capabilities and comprehensive iMag MultiScreen support will also be shown.

OverDrive® Automated Production Control System

NAB 2010 will see the launch of v9 software for OverDrive, the world leader in Automated Production Control. Version 9 highlights a new GUI concept called GlobalViewTM, as well as new features such as NKeyer support, NRCS CG timer support and many new MOS device interfaces. GlobalViewTM exploits the additional workspace of widescreen displays allowing for user-configurable layouts. Resizable and repositionable modules provide production specific views, enabling even more complex and faster paced productions to be automated. Enhanced support for OverDrive’s unique remote client application architecture allows for seamless ‘back-to-back’ productions.


XPression 3D HD Character Generator & Graphics Platform

Ross Video will launch v3.0 of the XPression 3D HD Character Generator at NAB 2010. Key new features in v3.0 include enhanced MOS workflow integration with Newsroom Systems, Stereoscopic template creation and output rendering for 3D productions, enhancements to the already feature rich Material Manager, automatic center cut SD outputs for HD templates, and numerous other creative and productivity features. In addition, for customers exclusively working in standard definition, an even more cost effective XPression SD edition will be introduced, making the high end feature set of XPression fit into tighter SD only budgets.

SoftMetal Video Servers

Ross Video will be showing the continued development of the SoftMetal 3000 Series video servers with v4.3 software and the launch of the new 4 in / 4 out configuration.

Version 4.3 builds upon the robust features of the platform adding VDCP control protocol over Ethernet and AMP automation control support. New Unicode character support makes SoftMetal an ideal choice for multi-language applications. The 3000 Series also features native support of 3D stereoscopic playout and record.

The 3000 Series is a Server Class Platform available in both Standard and Multi-Definition versions with 1x2, 0x4, 2x4, and 4x4 configurations, supporting up to 6 simultaneous channels in SD and up to 4 simultaneous channels in HD. It uses SATA drives and offers up to 14 TB of Media Storage in a compact 3RU.


openGear 3G/HD/SD Multi-Definition Terminal Equipment

openGear, the industry standard and platform of choice, continues to grow with new partners, developers and products.

The platform now offers a 21 slot frame with free Ethernet for setup and configuration. An optional high end controller is available for more complex networking requirements that include DataSafeTM, which auto re-configures cards when they are hot-swapped in the frame.

DashBoard 3.0 for Windows, MAC and Linux offers new features to simplify the setup and maintenance of larger systems with multiple card upgrades.

Ross Video will offer an expanded range of 3Gb/s products in 2010. Products include optical to electrical and electrical to optical with ultra high density offering up to 40 conversions in 2RU, a new range of full spectrum optical splitters (1x2, 1x4 and 1x8), an optical CWDM MUX / DMX configurable in groups (4, 8, 12 and 16) allowing up to 16 full bandwidth 3Gb/s SDI signals onto a single fiber, and an optical DA / regenerator that re-launches the optical output at -7db extending system link budgets.

A new range of 3G capable 16 channel audio MUX/DMX solutions with comprehensive proc functions to correct issues at ingest offering invert, sum, swap, shuffle, gain, and sample rate conversion all available with analog, digital and optical I/O.

Other new products include: the QSP-8229 Quad Split Processor offering looping inputs, quadrant bordering, UMD and tally support for monitoring up to 4 signals on a single display; the VEA-8707A, an Analog Equalizing and Clamping DA with looping input; and a new card based Sync Pulse Generator which can free-run or be locked to house reference and is equipped with 4 pairs of outputs configurable as Composite Black, Tri-Level, Word Clock or AES all with independent timing.

About Ross Video

Ross Video designs, manufactures and supports a wide range of innovative products for use in live production applications. Ross’ award winning product line includes Vision, Vision Octane and CrossOver Video Production Switchers; openGear, RossGear and GearLite Terminal Equipment; SoftMetal Video Servers; OverDrive Production Control Systems and XPression Character Generators. Ross products are installed in over 100 countries around the world, where they are used daily by top broadcasters, production companies, sports stadiums, government agencies and houses of worship.