Ross Video’s New @ NAB 2014


Ross Video is celebrating their 40th anniversary at NAB this year with a new corporate logo, a new tag line “Production Technology Experts” and a significantly expanded NAB presence.  The growing range of Ross production technology solutions can be seen at the Ross Booth #N3806 in the North Hall.

As always at Ross, the emphasis is on power and affordability – creating leading edge products at great prices, backed by exceptional support and customer service.  Here’s a preview of some of the things to expect from Ross at NAB this year.  In addition to what follows, Ross is anticipating a few last minute surprises out of their development labs that will be announced closer to show time.

Production Switchers
Vision Tritium, the sweet spot in large production switcher value and performance, makes its North American debut.   Vision Tritium is a full 3MLE modular production switcher packed full of features including: 48 x 32 Multi-Definition inputs and outputs, 6 real 3D DVE’s, 16 channels of internal media stores, 16 keyers, UltraChrome chroma keys, built in Dual Head MultiViewers and a massive list of supported external device controls.

The Tritium processing engine pairs with a stunning Vision series modular 3MLE panel - with a choice of 24 or 32 direct access crosspoint buttons, and featuring Ross’ PanelGlow RGB buttons and DualDisplay touch screen menu system. Tritium is fully upgradable and accepts standard Vision Octane components.


Carbonite – Ross’ breakthrough mid-size production switcher series will show off its latest features, including the award winning MiniME and MultiScreen processing technologies.  Available as a free software upgrade to all Carbonite customers (downloadable from the Ross website), these new features demonstrate the exceptional long-term value in buying Ross.
MiniME’s can be used anywhere in the signal flow - either as pre-keyers or as independent transition engines.  MiniME’s produce a layered composition such as a virtual set background with a chroma key and an OTS DVE.  They can be selected as direct inputs, or as independent keying and transition engines on up to 4 Auxiliary outputs for on-set displays.


MiniME’s live in a resource ‘pool’ and are only assigned when required. Once the transition or effect is completed they are instantly available for use elsewhere. MiniME's are not like 'Split ME's' or ‘multi program mode ME's’ where ME resources are divided up and reassigned into smaller sections. MiniME's are entirely independent devices leaving all standard ME resources available.
MultiScreenTM production is now available directly within a standard Carbonite thanks to Ross’ new MiniME’s. Up to four outputs can be controlled independently off Carbonite’s main ME’s, allowing a single source to be scaled over up to 4 outputs in multiple screen layouts. Keys and DVE’s can also be included to facilitate compelling multiscreen productions. Expensive additional screen processors are no longer required when you’ve got a Carbonite switcher, as bezel compensation and edge blending for multi-projector setups are part of the package – a major system cost saving.

The Carbonite C2S is Ross’ new 24 button, 2ME panel incorporating individual ME Effects Memory keypads.  The C2S is ideal for sport and other productions in which the TD prefers to switch the show directly from the memory keypad. The C2S has all the features of the popular C2M panel, adding a dedicated ME Effects Memory control area in each ME - in addition to the standard global controls. The C2M panel brings the number of Carbonite panel choices to 7, covering a broad range of client needs, space and budgets.
DashBoard Facility Control
DashBoard is Ross’ free facility control software that controls everything from Ross and our openGear and DashBoard Connect partners as well as a variety of other UDP, TCP and HTTP devices.  Version 6.1 will launch at NAB and provides PanelBuilder - the ability for anyone to build purpose built CustomPanels and Automated Workflows.  PanelBuilder makes customized control quick and easy via an intuitive drag and drop mode for building CustomPanels.


OverDrive Automated Production Control
At NAB, OverDrive takes the biggest leap forward since its initial release with the North American debut of OverDrive Caprica - adding the ability to control third party production switchers.   Non-Ross production switcher customers can now enjoy the efficiency and consistency benefits of automating with OverDrive. OverDrive will be paired with Inception News at NAB 2014, showing a complete end-to-end news production workflow.

Inception News & Social
Inception News is Ross’ unique newsroom computer system that blends the needs of traditional linear channel production with the modern requirements of web and social media content publication.    Launched at IBC, this is the first showing of Inception News in North America.  Providing both outbound publication as well as inbound searching and harvesting of social media, Inception is a great tool for your television producers and journalists as well as your social media team.


XPression 3D HD CG & Motion Graphics System
XPression motion graphics now offers solutions for virtually every type of onscreen live graphics requirement - everything from live character generation, to branding, to virtual sets and augmented reality.  In addition to a host of new production features here are some of the new things from XPression this year:
XPression Tick-it and Brand-it are fully-automated, turnkey solutions for local TV and enterprise channel branding.
XPression Prime GO!  a portable solution running on a laptop with full HDSDI I/O.


XPression Template Builder – an application for the creation of graphics outside of NRCS and NLE environments for later incorporation into programs.
XPression Touchscreen and Telestration applications that provide freehand control and drawing capabilities over XPression Scenes. Visual Scripting allows non-programmers to create complex scene interactivity.
XPression Virtual Set & Augmented Reality enhancements including support for Trackmen protocol, CCD chip size selection, 2nd and 4th order spherical lens correction, and global cameras.

Ross and Unreel Virtual Set & Augmented Reality
Ross and our virtual tracking partner Unreel will again be showing a fully turnkey virtual set and augmented reality solution, making it easy for anyone to quickly deploy a virtual set or to add augmented graphics to an existing set.  This year, you’ll have an opportunity to get right on the set and experience what it’s like to be talent in a virtual environment for yourself.


Ross Robotics
Furio RC is Ross’ rail based remote control camera system used on top end stage productions and variety shows.  Furio RC adds a new control option for NAB – Furio Panbar.  The Panbar controller makes controlling Furio RC similar to running a manual camera.  The operator controls a fluid head for pan/tilt/zoom/focus and foot pedals for dolly and lift.  Many operators find this control method more precise, faster and more intuitive – making it easier to get those dramatic production shots that Furio RC is famous for.
The Furio Robo rail based studio system adds a Collision Avoidance option that allows two Furio Robo dolly systems to more easily share a single track during a production while maximizing flexibility in attaining the best camera shots.

Infrastructure – Routing, Terminal Equipment & Nielsen Watermarks
New in the NK Series Routing systems is the NK-144 which can now be upgraded to include the full functionality of up to 2 Carbonite production switchers internally -  becoming a full Carbonite eXtreme.  This revolutionary product combines facility routing with production switching and multi-viewing all in a single rackframe, dramatically simplifying system cabling and distribution.
Another addition to NK is customer definable DashBoard-based soft panels, making router control available from any computer.  These CustomPanels can combine control of a variety of other Ross and 3rd party equipment at the same time – streamlining user operation.


The MC1 simple, robust and affordable Master Control System has added extended EAS interface, multi-channel scalable operations and enhanced graphics capabilities. The MC1 System is now also available as a standalone openGear module for channel branding and EAS insertion.
At last year’s NAB, Ross launched openGear 3.0, the third generation of our openGear frame standard, increasing power and cooling and adding advanced networked control.  The openGear ecosystem now includes 60+ partners and deployed by thousands of clients.   The latest version of DashBoard (free!), mentioned above provides extensive new control features to all openGear products.
Ross has expanded its portfolio in Nielsen Watermarks offerings with the addition of a new transport stream Nielsen Watermarks encoder.  The NWE-TS accepts ATSC ASI transport streams and will watermark up to 10 channels simultaneously.


Ross Mobile Productions
Ross’ production arm, Ross Mobile Productions will launch their new Mobile Production OT1 compact production vehicle. Ross is building a fleet of these vehicles to offer full production packaging and rental services.  OT1 is a platform that Ross will be soon making available detailed designs for so that other truck companies can get on board with this new open standard for truck designs and workflows.

OT1 is designed around a tightly integrated Carbonite Production Switcher and XPression Graphics core. The 10 operator position OT1 platform offers both Fiber and Triax camera capabilities, an advanced communication system, and a dual user 8 channel replay system – incredible power -  all in a Mercedes Sprinter size vehicle.
The OT1 vehicle platform is the first public showing of a truck based on the openTruck™ initiative from Ross and offers a standardized path to designing cost-effective remote production vehicles that enable delivery of high-quality digital content from sports venues and other live events. Taking advantage of interoperable broadcast systems from Ross Video and other leading technology vendors, openTruck offers production vehicle partners access to open protocols, specifications, and schematics for efficient workflows, uncompromising video quality, and rapid event-to-event reconfiguration.

About Ross Video
Ross Video creates leading edge video production technology. Ross products are used in demanding environments every day to inform and entertain audiences all over the world.  Our client base includes a who’s who of broadcast, production companies, sports stadiums, government agencies, educators, touring companies and houses of worship.  Ross’ award winning product families include Vision, Vision Octane, Vision Tritium, CrossOver and Carbonite Video Production Switchers; openGear, RossGear and GearLite Terminal Equipment; BlackStorm Video Servers; OverDrive Automated Production Control, Inception Social Media Management; XPression Motion Graphics; NK Series Routing and Furio and CamBot Camera Robotics Systems. Ross MCP is a premium full service mobile sports production company, aligned to meet the needs to produce economical Internet and Broadcast content.