Robe Celebrates 20 Years in Style

Robe Lighting celebrated its 20th anniversary in style at a special gala dinner event staged in their Robe Arena booth one evening during the 2014 PLASA Expo in London’s ExCeL Centre.

The dinner featured a keynote speech by CEO Josef Valchar, a great after-dinner speech by Patrick Woodroffe, followed by live entertainment from comedian / magician Paul Zenon. It was enjoyed by 300 Robe ‘friends and family’ including many who have been instrumental in the company’s success.


Says Josef Valchar, “The dinner was a fantastic way to unite so many people who are and who have been involved in our journey”.

The Robe story started from humble beginnings in 1994 when Josef and his business partner Ladislav Petrek founded the company and started making their own lighting and effects fixtures.

In that relatively short space of time, Robe has become one of the world’s leading moving light manufacturers.

Josef’s speech thanked everyone – present and absent - for their dedication and commitment to 20 years of Robe innovation. It has been an extremely productive era and a melting pot for ideas and imagination in R ‘n’ D resulting in some great products.


This unique energy has continued permeating through the various sales forces and the worldwide distribution network, all helping to establish Robe as a premium brand everywhere.

“I really appreciate the intense amount of hard work, the great teamwork and synergy that we enjoy as a whole,” stated Josef.


The gala dinner included representatives from most of Robe’s 90 distributors. In addition to those from Europe, they came from The Americas & Canada, Africa, Asia and The Pacific Rim to enjoy this very special occasion.

“Patrick’s speech was interesting and inspirational,” comments Josef. “He reached out to those who are starting their careers, and recognised the contributions and value of those who have helped grow entertainment lighting into such an incredible industry. He also emphasised that the bottom line to success is enjoying your work … and this is something we all share and believe in 100 per cent.

“Here is looking forward to the next 20 years!”