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Riedel Unveils New MediorNet & Artist Products at NAB 2010


Riedel, one of the leading manufacturers of intercom fiber audio and radio solutions, presents several new fiber and intercom products at this year's NAB in Las Vegas. Besides several products to be announced at NAB, Riedel introduces the new and free Artist VCP-1004 Virtual Panel, the MADI and RockNet MediorNet cards as well as the software based Framestore feature for MediorNet to the American Markets at NAB.

The new age of fiber-based real-time signal transport solutions

The Riedel MediorNet is the first step into an innovative new age of fiber-based real-time signal transport solutions for uncompressed multi-channel HD/SD video, audio, intercom and data. MediorNet combines signal transport, routing and signal processing and conversion into one integrated real-time network. MediorNet is not designed just for simple point-to-point links but offers a real network solution. This includes signal routing, allowing the user to send any incoming signal to any output or even to multiple outputs by just a mouse-click or, even more conveniently, by a router control system. Each MediorNet mainframe provides a router for 32x32 720p/1080i signals, 160x160 SD-SDI signals, 27,000x27,000 AES signals or any combination of these.

The Riedel Virtual Panel features four talk-keys

The new and free Riedel Artist VCP-1004 Virtual Panel allows a regular computer to be used as an intercom control panel in combination with any Artist digital matrix intercom system. Computers running the Virtual Panel can be integrated via a wired or a wireless Ethernet connection into the matrix. The communication between matrix and virtual panel is realized via the VoIP-108 G2 client card.

The new Riedel Virtual Panel features four talk-keys and a shift-key to double the number of available keys. The panel provides the same signalization as regular Artist 1000 series control panels. The user operates the Virtual Panel with the computer‘s keyboard and mouse. The panel‘s audio input and output is implemented with the audio-interface of the computer. The Virtual Panel is set up via Artist‘s control and configuration software Director. To receive a free Virtual Key Panel, interested users just need to register at