A Revolution in Surround Sound Broadcasting and Recording

Simultaneous digital surround and stereo soundscapes at large-scale outside broadcast events 

For broadcasters of world-class major sporting events or music concerts, a single SoundField mic is all that's needed to generate simultaneous stereo and 5.1 audio for SD or HD transmission. Even audio already captured in stereo, such as recorded archive material, can now be converted into phase-coherent 5.1 by utilising SoundField upmix processors.

NEW DSF-B Digital Broadcast Surround Microphone package 
The DSF-B Digital Broadcast package provides simultaneous digital surround and stereo soundscapes of large-scale outside broadcast events such as sports stadiums and concert hall venues.


Key Features:
·    Removes need for multiple arrays

·    Generates multi-channel audio from a 'single point' source

·    Perfect downmix compatibility with mono or stereo

·    Microphone parameters controlled remotely including orientation, angle, pickup pattern and rotation

·    Consists of DSF-2 microphone, DSF-2 controller and DSF-3 processor 

·    Snap/Tilt - Rear, Front surround axis can be individually tilted to focus on sound sources above or below the microphone

·    Variable polar patterns - Front, Centre and Rear

·    Zoom Control


SoundField UPM-1
The UMP-1 upmix processor has a unique algorithm to perform detailed real-time analysis of stereo source material, identifying and seperating the ambience from the disrect sound.
With only five physical rotary controls to manage all upmix parameters, the UPM-1's simplicity has proved to be a must for any OB application or broadcast studio working in 5.1 surround.

Hands-on upmixing for Live Broadcast


UPM-1 Plug-in
Designed to integrate seamlessly into a post-production workflow, the UPM-1 plug-in is avalaible in VST, RTAS (Mac and PC) and AU (MAC only) formats.

It's ideal for for post production houses or HD broadcasters that need to ensure all of their material is transmitted in 'fold-down' compatible 5.1. This includes archived stereo, stereo only-broadcasts, effects and jingles, etc.