Retain Viewers. Increase Revenue.


Broadcasters around the globe are choosing Channel Box  for their automated channel branding needs -- and with good reason.    With unequalled power, interoperability and an outstanding return on investment, Channel Box 2 captures and keeps their viewers by delivering bold up-to-the-minute headlines; Now, Next, Later promos; sports scores; financial data; and weather reports.

ChyronHego offers one of the most innovative and responsive broadcast graphics solutions and services to the community of professionals who create, manage and distribute media content. ChyronHego's graphics creation, playout, and real-time data visualization solutions have become a standard for broadcasters around the world.

Take your branding to a whole new level
Broadcasters all around the world are switching their channel branding to Channel Box² to take advantage of its unequalled power, interoperability and stunning Return on Investment. Create gorgeous 3D animations and play them to air in real time. Automate credit squeezes with the 3D DVE. Produce promos live to air. Dynamically update text, images and movie files using the custom scene control panels or via a robust data acquisition capability that supports ODBC data sources, text files, XML and a full C# and VB Scripting engine. Control over the system is just as extensive with support for the industry-standard Intelligent Interface protocol, VDCP, GPI, COM API or manual control via the custom control panel.


Improve your workflow
The Channel Box workflow allows you to work more efficiently improving your bottom line. Live to air credit squeezes, “L” frame tickers, snipes, automated promos and much more. .

Channel Box includes, 2D & 3D DVE, clip playback, audio routing, video and audio mixing, BXF, XKeys support, Lyric PRO™ 3D Real Time Render Engine, automation control, two video inputs with up-converters and two video outputs with down-converters allowing the second output to be used
as a clean feed.


It’s all about the data
One of Channel Box’s strengths is it’s ability to acquire external data – anywhere, any time – using Channel Box’s Advanced Data Tool, C# development environment and VB Script Engine or any of its control protocols.

The Advanced Data Tool allows easy yet powerful point & click data binding to data sources like ODBC, XML, Microsoft® Excel, RSS, AP News, Google docs spreadsheets and more.

Additionally, Channel Box extends its data tool set with its implementation of Channel Box’s built-in C# scripting and Microsoft’s VB Script engine.

Data can also be sent to control Channel Box by serial connection or by network using Intelligent Interface or VDCP protocols. A full COM API is also available.


The all-new Channel Box 2 is jam-packed with over 100 features and enhancements designed to accelerate your channel branding workflow and boost your on-air presence.