REDucation is next week, December 5-7, at RED Studios in Hollywood

RED OPEN HOUSE is a rare and not to be missed event hosted by RED Digital Cinema at RED Studios Hollywood .The night will be filled with opportunities for attendees to view new RED centric products, learn RED best practices, hear latest buzz in filmmaking and hang out with other industry professionals. Special presentations to the community will be made by insiders at RED, as well as a screening of footage in 4K and 3D

This REDucation will be the first to include SCARLET and this will be the first public event after the announcement, we will have SCARLET on the studio lot!

3ality Technica's systems, technology, and RED AKS will be prominently utilized in the coursework being taught, as well as showcased during community night on Stage 6.

Jill Smolin, 3ality Technica's Director of Education will teach a 3D fundamentals workshop on Wednesday, December 7th, from 3-5 pm. That evening, Ted Kenney, 3ality Technica's Senior Director of Production, will talk about real-life productions utilizing RED Epics on a wide range of productions—from concerts to feature films—and will show footage from some upcoming projects. Kenney has produced many of 3ality Technica's key projects including the groundbreaking U23D, Black Eyed Peas 3D: Live, and most recently, Britney Spears Live: The Femme Fatale Tour. Topping the evening off, 3ality Technica will demonstrate our newest technology during the REDucation Open House on Stage 6.


On December 8 and 9th, Mark Pederson, CTO/Co-Founder of OFFHOLLYWOOD, will teach a 2-day 3D class—all utilizing 3ality Technica systems and technology-to a very small group, ensuring hands-on experience for attendees.

RED OPEN HOUSE is hosted the last night of the popular 3 day REDucation course taught by Ted Schilowitz. REDucation continues on Thursday and Friday, December 8th-9th with 2 day advanced classes - Shooting 3D with RED taught by Mark Pederson and RED Advanced Post Production taught by Michael Cioni.

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The week of REDucation begins with the 3 day intensive class. The class provides a fully immersive, hands on, practical training and teaching of the RED Digital Cinema camera packages and post gear for both on set and post production workflows.  You will have the opportunity to use the same production and post production equipment that the world's biggest movies and TV shows use. You will also be able to screen the RED footage in 4k resolution on our giant theater screen at the RED Studios. The learning continues with the option to attend any one of the 2 day advanced track classes to encompass a full week of RED training with your focus in mind.