Reconfiguration of Major Live Systems


NEXUS, the STAGETEC digital audio switching and transmission system, can now be upgraded with additional hardware modules during operation. Systems running the latest software version do not need to be shut down, with a consequent break in sound, since the NEXUS matrix software continues to run uninterrupted while changes are made to the system configuration.

This new breed of reboot-free reconfiguration is particularly relevant for large scale systems such as audio routers in central control rooms, which must be kept in continuous operation day and night. Even older NEXUS installations, which have been in operation for many years benefit from this option so long as they are running the latest software version. All NEXUS customers can get detailed information about individual upgrade options and transition scenarios for their existing NEXUS systems directly from STAGETEC branches or distributors.

Together with the hot-swap capability that STAGETEC products traditionally support, which allows live interface modules to be replaced noiselessly and without problems, this development in system configuration will make NEXUS operation even more reliable and flexible in the future.