Raycom Signs Major Formula 1 Deal with Gearhouse Broadcast

Raycom is a major supplier of radio microphone, talkback and link systems to the UK

With the new F1 season approaching wireless audio specialists Raycom are delighted to announce the completion of a major deal to supply Wisycom radio microphone systems to Gearhouse Broadcast for their contract with Sky Sports for the new F1 HD channel.

The all-new approach being taken by Sky Sports F1 HD has all audio being delivered wireless from pit-lane remotes to studio interviews.  To achieve this, Raycom have specified a range of Wisycom radio equipment including the new intermod-free transmitters in belt-pack and hand-held form which feature the widest frequency tuning range in the world of 232MHz for global use.

For receiving, a selection of rack-mount MRK960 dual receivers and camera-mount MCR42 dual-diversity receivers have been specified with up to 370MHz available RF bandwidth.


Commenting on the project Kevin Moorhouse, Group Operating Officer for Gearhouse Broadcast said “Raycom provide some of the best wireless microphone systems available today. Their products are well designed and they fulfil the requirements we have for this prestigious project for Sky which are why we chose them”.

Wisycom MCR42


Raycom's Pyers Easton said; “The full range of F1 races present a real challenge to broadcasters and we were delighted to assist Sky Sports F1 HD, Gearhouse Broadcast and F1 in their search for the right solution with Wisycom wireless audio.”