RAI Selects Camera Corps Q-Ball for Use in Vatican City


Italy’s national public broadcasting company RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana S.P.A.) has purchased a Q-Ball robotic camera system from Camera Corps, a Vitec Group Company, and a leading innovator of specialty remote cameras, tracking systems and camera support systems. Initially used for coverage of the most recent papal conclave in Vatican City, the Q-Ball is now a mainstay in Saint Peter’s Square.

As media from all over the globe descended on Vatican City this past March, the Q-Ball mini-cam system gave the Italian broadcaster a strategic advantage for covering the papal conclave. It positioned the camera where it would best capture the historic St. Peter’s Basilica and its famous windows and fireplace.

Q-Ball offers a robust, high-level mini-cam system with excellent performance in the most demanding remote camera applications. It is Camera Corps ultra-compact, weather resistant, HD/SD remotely controlled camera, featuring an integral 10-times-zoom optical lens and smooth-accelerating pan/tilt motors. Housed in a robust 115-mm diameter aluminium sphere, the Q-Ball camera has a two-megapixel CMOS sensor and is capable of operating in daylight or infrared illumination. Q-Ball delivers 1080i/720p high definition or 625/525 standard definition imagery at 50- or 59.94-Hz refresh rates.


“The Q-Ball is the perfect addition to RAI’s production team,” says Jim Daniels, technical director, Camera Corps. “Its size and durability allows the network to capture footage that may not be obtained by a traditional, handheld ENG camera, especially in crowded situations where onlookers gather in the square. We hope RAI finds continued success with the Q-Ball for future events.” 

Following the network’s coverage of the papal election, RAI has mounted the Q-Ball in a fixed position to film future ceremonies happening in the square.

About Camera Corps Ltd.
Camera Corps Ltd. is a leading innovator of specialty remote cameras, tracking systems and camera support systems. A Vitec Group Company, Camera Corps is recognized for the development and manufacture of bespoke camera systems, such as the Q-Ball. Camera Corps got its start developing customized camera solutions for its rental clients, and evolved into a full-time developer of innovative specialty camera systems. Today, the company’s solutions are employed worldwide by leading broadcasters looking to capture sports, entertainment and reality TV performances from unique and often previously unattainable angles.