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Presentation of Mediatec OB Trucks in Zurich

Mediatec HD OBVans and LED Trucks in Zurich

With the beginning of the second half of the swiss soccer season Mediatec presented at the Zurich Letzigrund Stadium the new HD OB trucks constructed by Broadcast Solutions GmbH as well as other Mediatec products. Around 100 Visitors joined this event “Ready for Take off” and could have a look into the new OB-Vehicles.

Mediatec Broadcast

Mediatec Broadcast, part of Mediatec Group, is one of Europe’s most experienced outside broadcast corporations. We have great experience of international events in sports and entertainment and how to handle live broadcasts all over the world.Every event has its specific requirements. To meet each of these, Mediatec works in four integrated business areas, Outside Broadcast, Mobile Links, Production and Wireless/Camera Solutions. This enables Mediatec to supply adequate solutions for any broadcast. Mediatec Broadcast has an extensive range of outside broadcast units and production facilities. These include a fleet of more than 20 OB trucks, flight-pack facilities, studios, special cameras, 30-camera link systems, uplink trucks and fiber MCR’s.

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About Broadcast Solutions GmbH

Broadcast Solutions GmbH is a system integrator and sales-and-service partner for the broadcast market situated near Frankfurt, Germany. Broadcast Solutions specializes in video, audio, networks and control systems, as well as satellite communications through its subsidiary ProSat Solutions. The company's core competence is the customized design and manufacture of DSNG vehicles and OB vans. In recent years, Broadcast Solutions GmbH has built more than 100 OB vans and several production studios and uplink and downlink stations.

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