Phase 4 France Becomes First EU Rental House to Stock Philips Vari-Lite VL3015LT Spot Luminaires


French rental house Phase 4 has invested in 50 of the brand new VL3015LT Spot luminaires from Philips Vari-Lite. This makes Phase 4 the first lighting rental supplier in Europe to be able to offer the fixtures to its customers.

Paris-based Philips Vari-Lite distributor, CSI, supplied the 50 VL3015LT Spots to Phase 4, which now holds the largest stock of Vari-Lite automated luminaires in France. The substantial Phase 4 investment in the VL3015LT Spots followed a demo to the company's Consoles and Peripherals Manager Georges DaSilva.

"Philips Vari-Lite is a strong brand," comments DaSilva. "In addition to its powerful output and its incredible zoom, the VL3015LT Spot maintains the same well respected color quality that has set the standard for the profession. All the customers that attended demonstrations have reported being hugely impressed with the VL3015LT features and say they are eager to put them into action."


In fact so successful was DaSilva's presentation of the VL3015LT Spots to lighting professionals, Phase 4 immediately endorsed the new VL3015LT range as their number one automated fixture. "We placed our first order for 50 luminaires as soon as we saw how good the product was during our demonstrations. CSI, as ever, perfectly managed our request and the products are already scheduled for important events this coming year."

André Mytnik, director of Phase 4, comments, "We now have over 1000 Vari-Lite fixtures in stock and more than half of our fleet is automated lighting. Our Vari-Lite fixtures are constantly being used on TV shows across France and Directors of Photography love features such as their color, speed and overall design."


Using the highly reliable 1500W Osram double-ended short arc lamp to produce 41,487 lumens of output, the VL3015LT Spot features 10:1 zoom optics, CYM color mixing, variable CTO wheel, two five-position color wheels, three gobo/effects wheels, a beam size iris, and separate dimmer and ultra-fast strobe mechanisms. A standard palette of gobos, effects and colours is provided with the unit. Custom gobos, effects, and colors are available.

Willy Donnez, Technical Director at Phase 4 concludes, "The new VL3015LT Spot offers three times the light output of the popular VL3000 and that in itself sets a benchmark in its class. We are really very impressed." 

As a leading designer and manufacturer of premiere automated lighting systems, Philips Vari-Lite provides equipment and services to the entertainment industry, serving such markets as concert touring, theatre, television, film, cruise lines, houses-of-worship, and corporate events. VARI-LITE automated lighting systems are available through a worldwide network of independent professional dealers.