Penta Studiotechnik at IBC 2013


Penta is spotlighting its role in the 4K transition with technology that is already optimized to enable 4K production. Penta`s signal conversion technologies, being developed for the HD2line Pro Series of High Performance Broadcast Displays, take 4K content and down convert it to standard HD so that all standard HD2line Pro Displays can be used for monitoring 4K images.

4K Down Converter - Future proof your Monitoring Investment
With this option, you can connect Quad Link 4K SDI signals to your HD2line Pro Displays using the internal 4K to HD Converter. The integrated converter lets you build 4K monitoring with ease, while still working with all your regular SD and HD Signals. PDP4K-DC provides the most cost effective 4K signal monitoring solution available today. It can be fitted into all previous delivered HD2line Pro High Performance Broadcast LCD Monitors


4K Native Resolution
As part of its continuous efforts to advance display technologies for the broadcasting and content creation fields, Penta has developed native 4K HD2line Pro monitors that can reproduce video signals with the highest degree of accuracy that professionals require. To demonstrate this achievement, Penta will be show-casing the 32-inch HD2line PDP32 -4K at the 2013 IBC Show in Amsterdam. Ready for today's workflows and those of the future, PDP32-4K gives video professionals unrivalled features and the highest standards in quality and performance.

DCS 3 - Display Control Suite
The comprehensive renewal of our HD2line DCS 3 (Display Control Suite) might be the most exciting news for the user front end. The new DCS 3 software is no longer Java-based, which was difficult to configure, especially when being operated with different Windows versions and in combination with complex network routers. The new operating system “Rock Solid” is easy to configure and supports various extended features.


Panorama Range
We would like to inform you once again about our Panorama Range. The portfolio comprises wide screen models on which two or more individual signal sources can be displayed. In addition, the screens can display widgets, such as audio bars next to the real image sources without interfering with the qualitative evaluation of the signal quality. There are many fields of application for Panorama products including camera control through slow motion operator workstations and preview / programl applications for directors. To make that monitor even more flexible, the complete electronic unit and power supply can be removed and placed anywhere up to 3m away from the monitor. With this product range we offer very competitive, high-quality solutions for TV productions.