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PENTA Studiotech to Launch HD2line Pro Series of High-Quality LCD Monitors to North America at NAB Show

HD2line LCD Monitors

Embraced by European Broadcasters and Production Companies, German-Manufactured Monitors Will Now be Available to U.S. and Canadian Market

Launch of a reseller network in Canada and the US

The 2010 NAB Show will mark the North American debut of PENTA Studiotech's HD2line Pro Series broadcast LCD monitors, and the launch of a reseller network to represent the product line in Canada and the U.S. In widespread use by major broadcasters and production companies throughout Europe, the German-manufactured monitors offer superior color accuracy, HD picture quality, and centralized control for a wide range of broadcasting, production, and post-production applications.

"The HD2line Pro Series represents German engineering at its finest, with the reliability to stand up to the most demanding 24/7 production environments and the spot-on color reproduction and superior HD picture quality that broadcasters and production professionals require," said Glen Green, corporate vice president of sales and marketing for PENTA Studiotech. "At NAB, we're looking forward to demonstrating the 'PENTA difference' to broadcasting professionals as well as resellers and systems integrators."

From 17 inches to 47 inches

Building on PENTA's advanced display technology and state-of-the-art processor engine, the HD2line Pro Series is designed to meet the high-resolution display and monitoring requirements of broadcast studio production, outside broadcasting vehicles, and master control rooms as well as post-production, telecine, and high-end editing applications. Monitors in the series range from 17 inches to 47 inches, and all conform to SMPTE and EBU specifications for brightness and contrast ratio. Each HD2line Pro monitor comes with PENTA's HD2match color calibration and remote control software for automatic color space adjustment, which guarantees repeatable and precise color reproduction compliant to EBU, SMPTE, and ITU.709 standards.

The HD2line Pro Series features PENTA's Display Control Suite (DCS), which provides centralized real-time or offline monitor wall configuration and control via an Ethernet network. The DCS software provides access to all parameters on each monitor as well as predefined groups of monitors in a larger system or OB van. Creation of a complex monitor wall is accomplished easily by dragging and dropping monitors and monitor groups into the layout via the intuitive and user-friendly software.


DVI-I, VGA, and CVBS inputs are standard

All HD2line Pro Series displays come standard with DVI-I, VGA, and CVBS inputs, and an optional multiformat HD/SD-SDI input supports data rates up to 3 Gbps. Each monitor can support up to three hot-swappable input/output modules, which can be added or changed without taking the monitor off the wall and out of service. Exclusive to the HD2line Pro Series is an optional fiber optic I/O module that enables transmission of multiple video signals over a single fiber line that can span longer distances with no loss of video quality.

In addition, the HD2line Pro Series supports all closed captions in 608 and 708 formats, with on-screen waveform vectorscopes, timecode readout, calibration software, and audio monitoring. All monitors integrate easily with existing tally systems and controllers, and provide dynamic and static IMD/tally support via an Ethernet network or via up to six GPI contact closures.

The HD2line Pro Series of broadcast monitors will be featured in PENTA Studiotech's booth, N1023, at the 2010 NAB Show. In addition, HD2line Pro monitors will be on display in the Harris Corporation and Ross Video booths.

About PENTA Studiotech

PENTA Studiotech produces a wide range of high-end HD2line LCD monitors specifically designed for all applications in the area of professional broadcasting and production. PENTA monitors are suitable for a variety of reference and mastering applications such as studio production, OB vans, master control, post-production, high-end editing, telecine, and quality control.