Partnership between SIVision & TVN


SIVision Broadcast GmbH and TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION GmbH are entering into a close collaboration. Production resources will be harmonised and productions will be carried out within this partnership structure.

SIVision is back
After the bankruptcy of SIVision in the summer of 2011, the company was taken over by Habegger AG in Switzerland. After 10 months of reorganisation, the collaboration with TVN is now marking the end of a long restructuring phase. With Thomas Kögl as Managing Director and Sebastian Wutschik as Technical Director, the new management crew is now complete.

Accomplishing something new together
The partnership between SIVision and TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION, which belongs to the TVN GROUP, has a long-term focus. Both companies remain independent and are still available to meet the production requirements of their respective customers. However, they also have access to the staff, materials pool and expertise of their partner. Simon Ackermann, President of the Board of Habegger AG: “Our contractually established partnership will help both partners to continue to expand their position as an internationally renowned provider in the area of broadcasting technology. With the diversity of services that Habegger AG and the TVN GROUP can offer together, we will become the most comprehensive provider in all Europe within our sector.” Frank Hähnel, CEO of the TVN GROUP, also sees beneficial synergy effects: “With the addition of Habegger / SIVision, we will be gaining a serious partner. This will expand our network as well as our production portfolio – in demanding sectors such as the events sector, for example.”


TVN equips SIVision broadcast vehicle
TVN has invested a seven-figure amount in additional technology such as cameras, EVS, wireless and radio equipment. This ensures that SIVision can once again operate quickly and flexibly on the market. Thomas Kögl, Managing Director: “Thanks to the partnership with TVN, we can also take advantage of the top-of-the-line TVN equipment pool.” The generous spatial design of the SIVision broadcast vehicle offers numerous high-quality workspaces. Thanks to a refurbishing project, there is now a third fully equipped production facility available in addition to the secondary production facility in the vehicle. TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION Managing Director Markus Osthaus confirms that the vehicle will complement the TVN fleet in the future: “With the SIVision broadcast vehicle, we can offer our customers the high-quality production they have been used to in a more flexible way. And we gain valuable capacities and competencies as well.”

SIVision Broadcast GmbH
SIVision Broadcast GmbH is a subsidiary of Habegger AG and is one of the best-known suppliers of TV broadcast vehicles in Europe. With its global production of the “Red Bull Air Races”, SIVision was not only the first European company to receive the Sports Emmy Award twice, but it was also able to gain an international reputation for top-quality productions of live TV programmes. The key to this success is one of the continent’s largest broadcast vehicles. With up to 25 cameras and high definition, the SIVision fleet is geared for major productions worldwide.


For more than 25 years, TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION has stood for providing cutting-edge technology and qualified staff for any outside-broadcasting project. TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION supplies multifunctional OB vehicles, containers, and SNGs and configures the work areas in line with the client’s requirements. From HD and 3D capabilities to optical connectivity to intercom, TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION has always set standards in functionality and performance on the European market. TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION delivers professional work done by experienced and friendly crews capable of working under pressure. This ensures perfect performance in broadcast and openformat production of large entertainment, sporting, cultural, and informational events. TVN MOBILE PRODUCTION is a member of TVN GROUP.