Panasonic | Webinar program May 12th Brainstorm and May 14th NDI

Panasonic | Webinar program May 12th Brainstorm and May 14th NDI

Date: May 12th

Time: 16:00 CET

Integration of Panasonic and Brainstorm in AR/VR Systems

Discover how the AR/VR production has been greatly simplified, by using the Panasonic AW-RP150 controller to move both the real camera (AW-UE150) and the virtual camera (InfinitySet).

During a live demonstration, we will check how the integration of Panasonic and Brainstorm eliminates the traditional separation between robotics control and graphics production, now becoming possible in the same console by the same operator.

And not only that! The webinar will be hosted by Thierry Gonzalo, Product Manager at Brainstorm Multimedia and Jaume Miro, Project Manager for Live Production Systems at Panasonic produced in a remote configuration, as an example of how the available resources can be fully maximized.


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Date: May 14th

Time: 15:00 CET / 14:00 UK

Myth-busting NDI®

Join Liam Hayter from NewTek and Dean Offord from Panasonic as they take on the roles of ‘Myth-busters’ by covering some of key queries that often arise with NDI, as well as covering some of the latest developments in NDI® workflows.


Since the inception of NDI®, both NewTek and Panasonic have worked together extensively, with the aim of supporting high-quality video and audio capture with extremely low levels of latency, as well as saving set-up time, and supporting easier installations. NDI® has also opened up creative opportunities to use different devices within a network that might have otherwise been extremely complex to configure, and therefore demonstrates the ease of implementing an end-to-end IP-based workflow for professional usage.


Liam and Dean will also be joined by Brian Shek and Dan Money from the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, whom will be discussing how their use of NDI technology enables them to reach a large audience with a live stream.


Discover the new AW-UE100 PTZ, which offers high-bandwidth NDI for transmitting HD or 4K 50p video streams over a single LAN cable, on top of offering high-efficiency, low bandwidth NDI|HX.


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