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Orad Real-Time 3D Graphics Solutions

Orad at NAB on Booth SL 2014

Orad provides leading broadcasters worldwide with real-time 3D graphics solutions, including; news, branding, sports, weather, special events and elections, virtual studios, and virtual advertisement. Come see how Orad’s solutions can enhance your viewer's experience and streamline your production workflow while saving cost.

PlayMaker - Instant replay, slow motion server with highlight editing tools

PlayMaker is Orad's 8 channel, HD/SD, slow-motion video server. PlayMaker can record over 60 hours of HD footage (@ 100mbps) or 120 hours in SD, provides synchronized, field accurate editing and playback capabilities; fast response; and high quality interpolated slow motion. PlayMaker comes with programmable LCD buttons that change their functionality according to server’s status, intuitive clips sorting tools, and touch screen operations for simple and intuitive use. PlayMaker offers different configurations, including running up to 3 super slow motion cameras on 1 server, or combining 3 single channel recordings with super slow-motion ingest seamlessly for both replay and play lists.

Stereographics - Real time rendering and display of stereo graphics

New to NAB is Orad’s Stereographics solution. Stereographics renders stereo graphics in real-time and displays them over the stereo image. With Stereographics, content such as sports, weather channel branding, and elections can be updated in real-time. The broadcaster has full control over the depth dimension of the graphics and the key stereo parameters - interaxial (eye separation) and convergence can be adjusted in real-time. Stereographics is a single box solution that can generate side-by-side or separate left / right signals in either 720p or 1080i. Stereographics can use existing 3D graphics, comes with two linear keyers to allow overlaying of graphics, maintains existing workflow, and allows 3D preview on a regular monitor.


PowerWall - 4k resolution output for video walls from a single box

PowerWall provides a 4k resolution output from a single box. PowerWall outputs 4 genlocked HD SDI or DVI signals that can be tiled across the video wall to whatever video wall size is required, retaining the aspect ratio of the display. The resolution can range from 3840x1080 in the 2x1 setup, 3840x2160 in the 2x2 setup, up to 7680x1080 in the 4x1 arrangement. This high resolution provides studios with the ability to zoom in on the screen without the graphic content becoming pixelated. PowerWall can accept up to 4 HD or 8 SD live video insertions, as well as video clips in most industry accepted formats.

Interact - Free interaction with single, dual and true multi touch displays

Orad’s Interact enables presenters to easily interact with their broadcast graphics using touch screens, video walls, and other input devices. Orad’s newest version of Interact supports single, dual, and true multi touch displays from a variety of manufacturers, allowing broadcasters to choose the device that best suits their production’s style and budget. With Interact, the presenter has unlimited capabilities, as it supports countless gestures including: rotating, scaling, moving, dragging, tapping, holding, drawing, and highlighting. Thanks to Interact, presenters can manipulate objects on screen, triggering different events including changing or flashing color.


Morpho - 3D character generator

Morpho 3D is powerful platform, used for on-air graphics, channel branding, and character generator, and is delivered in a 2RU, rack-mountable chassis. The system features flexible playback based on a single application, with powerful real-time graphics rendering. Morpho 3D comes with a built-in tutorial for the operator or designer. Morpho 3D is equipped with a linear keyer and can play video clips from all popular file formats. In the new version, users will benefit from Morpho 3D’s integrations with newsroom systems using MOS protocol. The newest version of Morpho 3D is available on two different hardware configurations: single channel, packed on a single 2U box, and dual channel (preview/program).

Maestro - Enterprise graphic solution integrated with news, automation and editing systems

Orad’s Maestro provides a complete workflow on a single graphics platform and is integrated with the most commonly used news, automation, and editing systems. Maestro provides an adapted workflow to any situation. Maestro optimizes graphics control in any environment -- from a manual character generator operation recalling page numbers, to a broadcast with rundowns created manually or received via MOS, and automated broadcasts controlled by a 3rd party device. Several render channels can be controlled simultaneously, optimizing the studio operation, while multiple Maestro controllers can control a single render channel.


3DPlay - Advanced graphics solution for channel branding and complex studio productions

3DPlay is ideal for multiple tickers, promo over credits, coming up next, squeeze back video, and more. 3DPlay promotes asset reuse for images, video clips, audio, and animations, and offers a consistent graphical appearance. 3DPlay offers advanced graphic asset management, multiple video clip playout, ingest of video clips in high/low quality, and embedded audio playout. 3DPlay enables the entire graphics and production flow to be condensed, archived, and exported for further use in its entirety. 3DPlay supports script- free logic, multiple events, and animations with a single trigger, thereby minimizing secondary events and pages that need to be prepared in advance.

3Designer - 3D graphics authoring application

New this NAB is 3Designer’s interactive graphic creation capabilities. With 3Designer, the designer can create and define which elements in a scene are interactive and what interactions are allowed for them, as well as create interactive templates. 3Designer enables unlimited number of layers in the scene, easy object addition, and provides unlimited undo and redo for quick and easy corrections. Its sophisticated asset strip management allows access to primitives, fonts, textures, complex objects, and more. 3Designer enables various text manipulations, such as multiline texts, shrink-to-fit alignment, justifications, and includes various shaders such as bump mapping, defocus, displacement mapping, and real-time video effects shaders.


3D Weather - Weather prediction system with new interactive capabilities

3DWeather offers weather symbols and graphics representing ISO bars, ISO thermals, typhoons, hurricanes, clouds, radar images, high- and low-pressure areas, winds, infrared radar, etc. Its real time fly by feature enables the virtual camera to “fly over” a weather map showing the different weather conditions in each region. New for NAB are 3DWeather’s interactive capabilities which enable presenters to interact directly with their weather representations from their touch/multi touch screens. 3DWeather’s show can be produced from the presenter's work station, enabling him to control and view the data, and create his own weather icons, from a dedicated PC.

ProSet - Advanced virtual studio solution

ProSet is Orad’s high-end cost effective virtual set system that adds a powerful dimension to any type of virtual set production. ProSet supports HD and SD formats.Designed with the total graphics concept in mind, ProSet is a cost effective solution for both virtual studio and on-air graphics and can be integrated with newsroom and automation systems. The new version of ProSet includes real-time lights and shadows shader which allows different object shadows casting, from single point projector, allowing shadow projection in all directions, and infinite point projection to allow parallel shadows for increased realism.


MVP - Comprehensive video and graphic sports enhancement solution

MVP provides captivating visual tools to better visualize critical plays, the flow of the game, and post game analysis. Some of MVP’s features include: MVP’s flow motion effect which creates a video highlight of selected objects; Magnifying glass feature, which allows a tighter zoom than the original camera zoom; and Bird’s eye view, providing a top view for better analysis of the play. New to MVP is the Revolver feature, which runs several play enhancements, one on top of the other. MVP is HD and SD compatible, can be used for live productions or highlight shows, and supports up to 16 different cameras without camera or lens modifications. MVP can be used with all types of platforms to generate new revenue streams including television, the web and cellular phones.

TrackVision - Complete soccer enhancement system

TrackVision provides a complete sport enhancement package for live and recorded soccer match coverage. TrackVision is Orad’s patent-pending graphics enhancement tool that uses a revolutionarily tracking technology to superimpose virtual graphics over the playing field.TrackVision easily generates offside lines with the ability to measure the depth of the offside and marks the player that passed the ball. The compact 3RU system also significantly minimizes the number of secondary events and unique pages that need to be prepared in advance. TrackVision does not require any mechanical installation on the camera and interfaces to all major slow motion servers.


TrackVision First Down Line System - Image tracking based first down line system

FDL enables the display of the first-and-10 line within North American soccer productions, without any camera modifications. FDL superimposes tied-to-the-field team flags and game scores, measures distances between any two objects on the field, draws graphic extensions of the goal posts, and highlights key players. Users can easily control all graphic parameters such as: line colors, intensity, height, width, logos, and textures. FDL is a cost effective solution that can be operated from production trucks or the studio in HD and SD productions, supports multiple cameras, needs minimum set-up time, and requires only one operator.

ADVision - Virtual advertisement solution based on image analysis

ADVision turns any sports event into an advertising media platform capable of generating new revenue streams. The inserted virtual ad remains tied to its field position regardless of camera motion. ADVision’s exciting auto catching algorithm detects camera cuts, and inserts the graphics seamlessly from the first frame. Auto catching turns virtual advertising into a much more natural viewer experience since it is always on, and increases the amount of exposure available from any given production. Its one rack-mount 3D unit requires minimal space and can easily be used for live, post, studio, and venue productions.


3DReplay - Soccer analysis system that converts key events from video to a 3D graphic model

3DReplay is Orad’s revolutionary soccer analysis system that converts key events from video to a 3D graphic model offering a new dimension in sports entertainment. With 3DReplay one can view the event from the eyes of the goalkeeper or the referee; get a tactical top view of the entire event; mark players, draw trajectories, and measure distances. Based on the powerful HDVG video rendering platform and sophisticated image processing camera tracking technologies, 3DReplay can easily reconstruct events into 3D models with smooth camera fly-throughs and is ideal for half time, post game, and highlight shows. 3DReplay can be used with all types of platforms to generate new revenue streams.

HDVG - Provides smooth transitions and mixing of formats within the same box

Orad’s HDVG serves as the video graphics rendering platform for all Orad solutions. The HD/SD-switchable system provides smooth transitions and mixing of the formats within the same box. The HDGV’s unique architecture supports up to six configurable full-resolution HD video insertions or as many as 12 configurable full-resolution SD video insertions. Inserted videos can be mapped onto any object in the graphic scene regardless of surface. The HDVG supports all commonly used formats, which may be stored locally or on a server and streamed over the network in real time. Internal transcoding allows for the triggering of files of different formats at the same time, keeping delay below two frames and maintaining short time to air.