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Orad’s PlayMaker sport replay server with up to 8 channel configurations and 3D stereoscopic support to be unveiled at NAB


Orad, a world leading provider of real-time sport video graphics solutions, will be unveiling this NAB some new powerful capabilities for its PlayMaker sport server replay system. Understanding the challenges of live sport productions, the PlayMaker sport replay server now offers support for super slow motion and 3D stereoscopic productions based on its unique up to 8 channel server - and all from a compact 3U chassis.

Two 75 frame super slow motion cameras on one server

PlayMaker can significantly reduce production costs as fewer servers and operators are needed. With its flexible configuration, PlayMaker can ingest 6 cameras, or combine a 75 frame super slow motion camera with 3 additional cameras. Another unique configuration enables the ingest of two 75 frame super slow motion cameras on one server. All configurations include preview/program outputs or 2 program outputs.

A unique three 3D stereo ingest

Each PlayMaker server can be controlled by one or two separate controllers, each assigned with its own output while sharing the same clips and playlist database.For 3D stereoscopic productions, PlayMaker can offer a unique three 3D stereo ingest, and 1 stereo output with all of PlayMaker's advanced smart controller capabilities.


PlayMaker’s disk capacity provides more than 60 hours in HD

PlayMaker, Orad’s SD/HD, super slow-motion video server, offers high quality Motion JPEG2000 ingest, synchronized slow motion and super slow motion replay, and powerful yet simple editing tools. PlayMaker’s disk capacity provides more than 60 hours in HD (@100mbps) and more than 120 hours in SD mode (@50mbps). Thanks to its RAID 6 configuration, dual power supply and Linux operating system, PlayMaker is a highly reliable production system that is set to accommodate the harsh outdoor production environment.