Optocore Launches BroaMan

Mark Brunke introduces BroaMan to the media

Optocore used their enlarged booth at this year’s Prolight+SoundShow not only to display their latest niche networking products and OEM solutions but also to officially launch the new BroaMan enterprise — conceived by Optocore founder Marc Brunke.

With the new brand logo dominating the booth Brunke introduced the concept to a packed media gathering.

BroaMan (Broadcast Manufactur GmbH) has been set up in order to apply Optocore’s world-leading network technology to the broadcast and video post production industries.

Established as the result of meeting a challenging and scalable bespoke routing task for Sveriges Television (SVT) Marc Brunke introduced and explained the devices that make up the company’s new DiViNe (Digital Video Network) environment. These include the various base frames — Route66, Route33, Repeat66, Repeat33 for flexible applications, and Repeat48 and Repeat32WDM as standalone 3G/HD/SD-SDI and MADI to fibre converter (with or without WDM multiplexers).


These self-contained, energy-efficient devices are fast fit and can also be interfaced to audio and data network systems, such as Optocore, SANE (Synchronous Audio Network plus Ethernet), MADI and Ethernet, to provide a complete transmission solution.

“This was one of the stand highlights along with the first fruits of Optocore's collaboration with RTS/Telex — the RTS versions of the very successful V3R-INTERCOM-FX and X6R-INTERCOM-FX devices,” stated Optocore support engineer, Kari Eythorsson. “This allows us to connect audio and control to and from RTS four-wire intercom devices.”

Also, at the show, Optocore demonstrated for the first time the Health feature of the OptocoreControl software that gives the operator additional information on the status of devices placed on their network.


In summary, Eythorsson said, “I was very impressed with the attendance, but especially the quality and passion of those who visited the booth.

“This resulted in some great conversations and underlined the fact that due to thevolatility of the commodities markets — particularly the fluctuations in metal and copper prices — fibre optic transport, as offered by Optocore, is even more practical and cost effective than ever before. The material needed to make fibre is definitely not on the endangered species list!”

He added that significant orders were written for both Optocore and BroaMan during the course of the show — even in non-prime territories — and a record number of new relationships established.

“This suggested that the industry generally is in high spirits and the outlook for Optocore looks very bright indeed.”