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"At one with the camera"

Up close: With the camera stabilizer system artemis EFP HD SE, the operator has freedom of movement – for authentic images

No cut: German DOP and Operator Markus Kambeck filmed a music video in a single continuous shot, using the artemis EFP HD SE by Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand. The production took about three months, including conception and planning; three days were needed for filming and post-processing. Markus Kambeck learned how to professionally use the artemis EFP HD SE system from Curt O. Schaller, cinematographer, operator, and artemis developer, during a workshop at the Wendelin Sachtler Academy in Eching near Munich.

The video for the song "Alle in einem Boot" (All in the same boat) by German artist Cris Cosmo was shot in Heidelberg: the band and guests were having a big party, and the film crew was right in the middle of it. "The location was so extremely narrow that the focus puller could not always follow me. And since there was no wireless video transmission, choreography for the focus puller had to be developed and rehearsed in addition to the dance and song choreography. Since the focus puller had to work almost “blindly”, we used the C-Motion wireless focus control in order to achieve the necessary precision," reports Markus Kambeck. "The artemis rig together with the RED could be set up very compactly to accommodate the limited space."

Sequence Shot with the artemis EFP HD SE Camera Stabilizer System

The artemis camera stabilizer system allows intuitive working. The artemis vest provides for a balanced load: "The whole rig adjusts to the body so well that you almost become one with it – operation works as if you only stretched out your arm. The absolutely precise response of the gimbal allows playful elements such as seen in the slow-motion and swish pan portions of the music clip. The vest redirects the weight extremely evenly onto the body, so that even the several retakes that were necessary for this project did not noticeably affect the back or any other part of the body."


Everything is perfect: artemis EFP HD SE, RED One, and great atmosphere

Markus Kambeck worked with the RED One and the artemis EFP HD SE with Hot-Swap function. This made a battery change without power interruption possible – which saves precious production time. The artemis Special Edition is optimized for work with the RED One camera: It has a special RED One camera power out socket, HD SDI & SD Video as well as special internal 12V high capacity wiring. "During tests at the Wendelin Sachtler Academy, the quality and the workmanship convinced me right away," emphasizes Markus Kambeck. He produced the video with his company kambeckfilm GmbH and came to a positive conclusion: "I had a lot of fun doing the project, and the atmosphere on the set was great! Everything was perfect."

About Sachtler, Camera Dynamics GmbH

Sachtler, founded in 1958 by cameraman Wendelin Sachtler, is the worldwide market leader for professional camera support systems for cinematography and television production, its name a symbol of top quality and reliability for decades. With an extensive range of camera support systems as well as a finely modulated product line of reportage lighting, Sachtler is the highly qualified partner for cameramen, film and TV studios. Since 2000 Sachtler has been offering the artemis modular camera stabilizer system. With its numerous workshops and training sessions, the Wendelin Sachtler Academy has become a top address worldwide for invaluable know-how and the exchange of information, creating the ideal international platform for creative talents.