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NHK and Fujinon Receives Engineering Emmy Award

Fujinon and NHK have been awarded with an Engineering Emmy Award for Fujinon’s Precision Focus Assist System

Fujinon and co-developer NHK won for “Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development.” Precision Focus Assist is a built-in feature within a lens that enables camera operators the ability to ensure fast, accurate focusing of high definition images under varying conditions.

“We’re honored to have been recognized by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for our efforts to advance HD imaging,” said Hank Hayashi, President & CEO, Fujinon Inc. “We have continued to advance our Precision Focus Assist technology, and we’re extremely proud of the performance it provides our customers.

Developed in 2001, Precision Focus Assist addresses critical focus issues in HDTV production stemming from the format’s shallow depth of focus and the lack of size and resolution in camera viewfinders. It is not an auto focus system, but a focus assist that can be operated in momentary or automatic modes to precisely adjusts the lens for optimum focus.

Precision Focus Assist is in its third generation and now features improved focusing response, lower light loss, and reduced size and weight. A PF equipped lens will function on all 2/3 inch HD cameras which feature the PF software interface.

This award marks the third Engineering Emmy for Fujinon. Fujinon was the recipient of a Technical Emmy Award in 1996 for the “Outstanding Achievement in Technical Development of Broadcast TV Lens” and in 2005 for “Lens Technology Developments for Solid State Imaging Cameras in High Definition Formats.”


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