Next-Generation XS Server Exceeds all Standards for Fast-Turnaround Production

Multi-camera recording and content distribution platform also supports the new XS NewsFlash ‘news in a box’ solution

The new XS server from EVS provides unprecedented speed and flexibility for studio ingest and fast turnaround productions. Its flexible, ‘à la carte’ multi-format capability and channel configuration mode make it the most adaptive solution for any type of studio and mobile production operation requiring a high level of reliability. The boosted connectivity of the new platform guarantees new XS operators the industry’s fastest media access and exchange.

The new server enables highly productive workflows with its 4RU and 6RU versions.   The 4RU high-performance server provides a full open configuration mode to cope with mission-critical live TV program production and its multiple standards. Features – such as multiviewer capability and1080p support – can be easily added.

The ‘premium’ 6RU server model is designed to meet the most demanding studio ingest and production requirements. It offers 12-channel ingest capabilities based on the new TwinRec streaming mode, as well as 4K and1080p support. Dual media sharing networks capabilities – including 10Gbit Ethernet -- make for faster and better media exchange within connected production and post-production environments.


The new XS supports HD-SDI for uncompromised, instant control, and supports all common codecs and wrappers, including XDCam, DVCPro, AVC-Intra and ProRes, ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructures. Up to 96 audio tracks can also be supported.

Introducing XS NewsFlash – ‘News-in-a-box”
The same high-performance XS server technology also powers the new XS NewsFlash, EVS' ‘news-in-a- box' production and playout system.  Featuring MOS integration, the premium configuration provides full multi-channel newsroom functionality. It can also be used for disaster recovery or in breaking news mode for very fast turnaround news production.
“The XS has been custom designed for the heart of modern TV production workflows, aimed at flexible and highly productive fast-turnaround operations,” said Henry Alexander, SVP Entertainment & News at EVS. “This new platform  retains the legacy standard features from first gen XS, and is further boosted by unique new features and flexible operational configurations  to help our customers efficiently create, manage and deliver enriched programming  -- while significantly cutting down time.”


The next generation EVS XS production server can be seen at NAB2014, 7 – 10 April, on the EVS booth SL3819. Deliveries to customers will commence in the second quarter of the year.