news24 from Albania Chooses VSN for its Newscast Solution in HD

The 24-hour TV news channel news24 opted for VSN technology for the News production and Digital archive for the transition to HD

The VSN’s News solution integrates the layers of text, video, audio and graphics within a single interface for the journalist, the easiness of use and flexibility improves the workflow for a unified newsroom and studio, automating all tasks required by 24h news channels, optimizing technical and human resources for higher productivity.

Both journalists and editors share files located in the production storage through the MAM solution VSNEXPLORER that interfaces VSNNEWS. This makes it very easy to locate any type of content in addition to partially recover it from the LTO robotic library.

Intake of live video feeds coming from the studio and the news agencies is managed automatically by VSNAUTOREC over the 6 SDI ingest channels available, the router control and scheduling. The footage from the ENG cameras is directly imported to the MAM in XDCAM EX HD and HD 422. The production storage is a NAS connected over 10 Gbps with a capacity of 1,800 hours in HD and the deep archive provides additional 3,600 hours in the LTO library.


The installation and commissioning was carried out by the Greek system integrator Ariston BTS, being a reference project in the country since NEWS24 leads the audience shares for news programs.