New Transparent Rain Cover for DSLR Cameras

The new Transparent Rain Cover for DSLR cameras without VF (PD515) will be available in December

The newest weather protection system from Petrol Bags, a Vitec Group brand, is the transparent Rain Cover tailored specifically for DSLR cameras with up to a 70-20mm lens and professional light on-camera.

The cover’s rigid front hood section comes outfitted with a hotshoe connector that stabilizes it on camera. A about 15 cm polypropylene track on top of the hood allows for the addition of an on-camera light and/or wireless receiver. Designed to enable continued shooting in harsh and extreme conditions, the Rain Cover will also fit a DSLR with longer lenses when a light is not on board.

Constructed of transparent polyurethane for maximum visibility and black waterproof nylon, it offers quick and easy access to camera controls. Petrol’s ingenious one-piece design makes the cover extremely easy to install while shooting. A front section of ripstop fabric and transparent polyurethane that attaches to the cover via hook and loop material provides an additional shield to protect a telephoto lens. The Rain Cover weighs just 0.4 kg.


The new Transparent Rain Cover for DSLR cameras without VF (PD515) will be available in December. List price is 72 EUR.

About Petrol Bags
Petrol, a Vitec Group brand is a leading producer of professional carrying bags and accessories for portable cameras, lighting, audio, support and other production equipment. The Petrol product family encompasses a full line of layered, multi-compartment bags, backpacks, cases, pouches, protective gear and more. Petrol works closely with industry professionals to create carrying systems designed for safe transport as well as quick and easy access on the job.