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New Token Creek Mobile TV Truck Features Grass Valley HD Cameras and Kayenne Switcher

Token Creek

Following a successful formula of offering clients highly flexible rigs that can handle a variety of production formats, Token Creek Mobile Television, Inc., based near Madison Wisconsin, is building a new 53-foot digital production truck for its sports and entertainment clients with multi-format high-definition production equipment from Grass Valley™.

The new truck, set to hit the road in the fall, will be named “Olympian HDX” and includes 10 Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite WorldCam HD cameras and a Kayenne™ HD Video Production Center.

“As our clients' productions get more complex, our services need to expand as well,” said John Salzwedel, President of Token Creek Mobile Television. “The new Kayenne switcher has 4.5 M/Es, which will allow us to do so much more — in terms of keying and effects — and we believe that the LDK 8000 Elite cameras produce the best images of any camera on the market today. We’re pleased that Grass Valley continues to advance its product lines to benefit mobile production companies like ours that work on a wide variety of projects with the same trucks.”

“HD programming is no longer a novelty and companies like Token Creek understand that they have to provide clients with the latest and most flexible production technologies to remain competitive,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “The LDK 8000 Elite camera has become the workhorse of the HD production market and the new Kayenne continues to impress customers with myriad of capabilities, including many exclusive features not found on any other production switcher.”

As a loyal customer, Token Creek has relied on Grass Valley digital production technology since 1992. Among its growing fleet, the company’s 53-foot “Hiawatha” and “Varsity” trucks each have a Kalypso™ HD switcher and LDK 8000 Elite cameras on board.

With its state-of-the-art mobile production units, Token Creek Mobile Television regularly provides remote production services to sports clients such as ESPN Regional Television, CBS College Sports TV, Alliance Productions, NBA Entertainment, and NFL Network. The company also serves corporate clients such as EPIC Systems, Harley-Davidson, and Georgia-Pacific as well as local television stations such as WLEX, in Lexington, KY, WCIU, in Chicago and KARE, in Minneapolis.


About The Products

The LDK 8000 Elite WorldCam cameras offer superior video quality (with native acquisition for 1080i, 720p as well as 1080p 50/60). They will be equipped with the new Dynamic Air Control HD Triax adapters, providing ultimate robustness and flexibility in the field. This makes them suitable for the highest quality HD and even 3D productions. The new cameras will be used in box-lens configuration with Grass Valley SuperXpanders as well as handheld.

The Grass Valley Kayenne Video Production Center is a family of powerful, highly modular production switchers, with 1.5 M/Es to 4.5 M/Es. Grass Valley DoubleTake™ split M/E technology effectively increases the available M/Es to 10. The Kayenne family of switchers is fully 3D capable. The modular control panel is designed for easy expansion and service, incorporating many new tools designed to increase operators’ ability to manage the live production workload.

About Grass Valley

With a rich history serving the broadcast and professional video industries, the Grass Valley name is synonymous with innovation, leadership, and performance. With a full range of products and services supporting many of the world's most high-profile television events, Grass Valley offers the most comprehensive portfolio of flexible and cost-effective digital technologies and systems available. Customers deploying Grass Valley solutions include most of the world's leading broadcast and teleproduction facilities, independent video professionals, as well as emerging content creators and distributors providing broadband, telecommunications, and transmission services. When you’re watching news, sports, or entertainment programming, whether on a TV, the Web, or a mobile phone, you’re watching Grass Valley at work.


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