New Steadicam Fawcett Exovest Sets the Bar High for Camera Mobility, Comfort and Performance

The Tiffen Company rolls out much anticipated Steadicam Fawcett Exovest; revolutionary new design takes center stage at NAB 2013

The Tiffen Company, a leading manufacturer of award-winning accessories for the still imaging, video, motion picture and broadcast markets, is showcasing its latest Steadicam® innovation – the Steadicam Fawcett Exovest™ - at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show (Booth C8818).

Designed by Chris Fawcett, an expert on the physiology of human weight-bearing appliances, the Steadicam Exovest is a radical new exoskeletal vest that automatically redistributes camera weight to anatomically appropriate areas of the body, giving operators maximum mobility and comfort. The forward-thinking camera stabilization system design features front and rear arm mounts and a pivoting exoskeletal structure that is adjustable on the fly.

“The Steadicam Fawcett Exovest is engineered to move naturally with the operator, providing an unprecedented level of freedom and comfort, allowing the operator to focus on their craft of capturing the world’s best moving pictures,” says Steve Tiffen, President and CEO, The Tiffen Company. “I say this often, there is only one true Steadicam. The research and development behind every Steadicam innovation remains unmatched and the Steadicam Fawcett Exovest is a shining example of outstanding quality and ingenious ergonomic design that goes into every Steadicam solution.”


Steadicam’s world-renowned engineering combined with Fawcett’s expertise in anatomy offers operators the industry’s most high-performance and comfortable vest on the market.
Compared to conventional vests, the Fawcett Exovest is less constrictive, allowing for better respiration, circulation, transpiration and movement. The resultant feel is of increased lightness and control. After docking, the entire vest may be relaxed by means of one over-center lever, as the upper pad system bed is only under load.


Steadicam Fawcett Exovest Pricing and Availability
The Steadicam Fawcett Exovest is available today for 6495.00 USD.

About Tiffen
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