New "Lynx" Diversity Receiver - packed with features to enhance IP workflows and wireless video coverage

Lynx Diversity Receiver

The "Lynx" product family will develop into VISLINK's next generation of high performance Transmitters, Receivers, Modulators, Demodulators Encoders, and Decoders.


A multi-format receiver decoder

The new "Lynx" Diversity Receiver is a multi-format receiver decoder offering an unmatched range of demodulation schemes including: Standard DVB-T, VISLINK's unique LMS-T demodulation and ultra-low delay MPEG-2 decoding, as well as H.264 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 decoding. Putting these schemes together into one unit provides more options to improve signal quality and operate reliable wireless links.

The demodulator offers a tunerless front-end for high sensitivity with extended dynamic range and exceptional adjacent channel rejection. VISLINK's Deep Interleaving technology gives the receiver unrivalled performance in the most challenging RF environments with its ability to fix breaks in the video signal thereby providing a cleaner contiguous signal. Customers needing to cover a wider area can now daisy-chain several units together transporting ASI from one receiver to another, seamlessly extending the coverage across wider area locations than a single receiver can provide.

The units are enabled with ASI over IP input and output

The units are enabled with ASI over IP input and output delivering contribution workflow advantages. They can stream the encoded data directly over an IP port - or receive an encapsulated transmission stream over IP and then present it for decoding.

A powerful, yet simple to operate web-based graphical user interface (GUI) provides complete remote control and monitoring of the receiver by means of an integrated Ethernet/SNMP (RJ45) interface. This feature eliminates the need for expensive third party remote control systems when an IP connection is available, thereby reducing capital equipment expenditures.

The product range is completely field upgradeable via a built-in USB port removing the need for factory return upgrades.

The Lynx suite of products replaces the L2000 range and is available is three basic hardware configurations: Complete Receiver, Demodulator only, or Decoder only.


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