New I-MOVIX X10+ and X10 Systems Offer Broadcasters  Ultra Motion for Every Occasion


I-MOVIX will debut the new X10+ real time continuous ultra-motion system at NAB 2013, alongside its sister the X10, first seen at IBC 2012. The only cameras capable of capturing continuously at 10x normal speeds, both X10 and the new X10+ allow broadcasters unprecedented scope for integrating ultra-motion into the production toolkit.

The industry's first continuous ultra-motion system, X10 offers 10x super slow motion capture in full HD resolution but can be used like any standard broadcast camera, since it records continuously, unlike high-speed camera systems that require an internal memory management process. Developed in partnership with EVS, X10 is combined with the EVS XT3 production server under LSM control.

X10+ extends this by offering a two-in-one capability. Producers can use X10+ in the same way as X10 to provide continuous capture with 10x replay, or for more extreme sports applications X10+ can operate at frame rates up to 2,600 fps in 1080i50 or up to 5,600 fps in 720p60, with instant replay.


Designed to allow easy operation by any broadcast camera crew with little or no training, X10 and X10+ deliver breathtaking image quality, allowing both systems to cross the divide between normal and specialist camera roles.

"X10+ is the dual-mode ultra motion system optimized for the rigors of demanding broadcast schedules, and it's the perfect versatile solution for sports productions," said Laurent Renard, CEO of I-MOVIX. "X10 and X10+ offer crews a cost-effective camera that can be used in multiple roles. Now there's no need to compromise when you can have a system that combines the unique functionality of a complete turnkey ultra motion solution and a standard HD broadcast camera at the same time."


Both X10 and X10+ are complete broadcast-integrated camera systems, comprising camera, camera control unit, and operational control panel. X10+ uses an additional slow-motion remote panel in the extreme slow motion mode. X10 uses the EVS XT3 production server.

X10 and X10+ systems are shipping now, direct from I-MOVIX and through its worldwide network of distributors.