New Digital Mixer & Telephone Talkshow System from Preco at BVE

Preco is exhibiting from Stand J37

Preco’s range of exclusive products continues to expand and they will be launching and previewing several exciting new products from their class leading brands. They will be providing an exclusive preview for a soon to be launched radio telephone Talkshow system from AVT that can also operate as a VoIP hybrid. The UK launch of the new Logitek Mosaic II control surface will take place at the show and they will be exhibiting the recently launched Logitek ROC console.

The Mosaic II provides a flexible, modular and customisable control surface that develops upon the success of the previous Mosaic model. Also being exhibited by Preco will be the latest flagship of the range 8600FM processor from Orban, plus a selection of the most recent products from Cooltouch Monitors, Census Digital, Lawo routers and mixers and Yellowtec’s mounting systems, processors and interfaces for Television and Radio.

The new Magic THipPro from German manufacturer AVT is expected to receive its worldwide launch later in the year but Preco will be able to provide UK broadcasters with an exclusive preview at the upcoming BVE show in London. The new product is a management and control system intended for use by ‘phone in’ shows or other programming where multiple external phone contributions form a part and is scalable making it suitable for a wide range of scenarios. It can be configured to operate with POTS, ISDN or as a VoIP device and as standard provides a powerful digital echo cancelling system, automatic gain control (AGC) and an Expander for each of the 16 circuits. The system will be able to store its own ‘address book’ so contributors can be redialled at the touch of a button. It will recognise numbers and permits data about callers to be attributed enabling lists of good quality callers to be created as well as to blacklist others. The magic THipPro also provides call forwarding and can share its resources between up to six individual studios.


The new Logitek Mosaic II control surface will be launched to the UK market by Preco at BVE. The new model continues to develop the successful Mosaic formula providing users with a modular customisable solution that effectively means each surface is a bespoke product. The standard Mosaic modules feature four faders each and 10, 17, 24, and 32 module options are offered. Two ‘Softkey’ modules are available where 12 individually programmable keys offer ‘one touch’ functionality whilst a choice of meter-bridges enables the design to be further customised.

Preco will also be launching the Merlin IP audio codec from Tieline. In addition to all the features broadcasters require from an audio codec such as redundant power supplies, the new 1U ‘rack-ready’ codec produces such a robust platform that it can process and deliver a stable incoming signal from smartphones using a GSM network even where there is up to a 10% loss. The Merlin can also handle two concurrent connections from either smartphones or another external audio codec. As well as 3G and 4G wireless Networks the Merlin can handle operating across LANs, WAN’s, WiFi and WiMAX networks equally well. Tieline have also designed the Merlin to be ‘future proof’ with the unit able to support both IPv4 and IPv6.


Orban’s flagship Optimod 8600FM audio processor will be exhibited on the Preco stand and has not been seen at the BVE show before. The 8600 has broken new ground in audio processing for FM radio. The unit decreases distortion whilst at the same time delivering clearly audible improvements in high frequency handling both in terms of dynamics and out and out power. The 8600FM employs Orban’s exclusive MX Technologies with the result that instruments such as cymbals, percussion and drums along with other high frequency sounds really cut across for the listener as never before.