A New Class: the SPG8000 Master Sync/Master Clock Reference Generator


Tektronix is introducing a completely new class of SPG, the SPG8000 Master Sync / Master Clock Reference Generator, to set a new standard in reference generators, providing critical timing and synchronization signals for modern Broadcast, OB and mobile facilities by offering high reliability sync signals, test signals, and ANC data generation capabilities.

·    Dual hot-swappable power supplies ensure continuous availability of reference signals
·    Multiple independent black burst and HD tri-level sync outputs provide all the video reference signals required in a video broadcast or production facility
·    Four LTC outputs, VITC on black burst outputs, and NTP server provide time reference signals in a variety of formats
·    GPS-based synchronization gives an accurate time-of-day reference and deterministic video phase reference, and locks remote SPG8000 systems to each other

·    Stay GenLock® and GPS Holdover Recovery prevent synchronization shock when the external reference input or GPS signal is temporarily lost
·    Wide selection of video test patterns in serial digital formats (SD, HD and 3G-SDI) and composite analogue formats (NTSC and PAL)
·    Wide selection of video test patterns in serial digital formats (SD, HD and 3G-SDI) and composite analogue formats (NTSC and PAL)
·    Web-based interface for remote configuration and SNMP for status and alert information


The Tektronix SPG8000 Master Sync/Master Clock Reference Generator is a precision multiformat video signal generator, suitable for master synchronization and reference applications. The Tektronix SPG8000 Reference Generator provides multiple video reference signals, such as black burst, HD tri-level sync, and serial digital and composite analog test patterns, and provides time reference signals such as time code and NTP (Network Time Protocol).

The base configuration of the Tektronix SPG-8000 includes three sync outputs that can be configured with independent output formats (NTSC/PAL black burst and/or HD tri-level sync) and independently adjustable timing offsets. With the BG option, four more analog outputs can be added. A high-accuracy, oven-controlled crystal oscillator provides a stable frequency reference for the system, or the pass-through genlock input can be used to lock to an external video reference or 10 MHz continuous wave signal. The Tektronix SPG 8000’s Stay GenLock feature avoids "synchronization shock" if the external reference suffers a temporary disturbance, by maintaining the frequency and phase of each output signal. When the external reference is restored, Stay GenLock® ensures that any accumulated clock drift is removed by slowly adjusting the system clock within standard limits instead of "jamming" back to the correct phase.


Time reference outputs are available in multiple formats. Three independent linear time code (LTC) outputs are available, and a fourth LTC connection can be used as input or output. Each LTC output has independent frame rate selection, time source (time-of-day or program time) and time zone offset. Vertical interval time code (VITC) is available on each NTSC or PAL black output, also with independent time sources and offsets. The Tektronix SPG/8000 can also serve as a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server, providing the time-of-day reference to network-attached devices.

Remote Access
The Tektronix SPG8000 includes a 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet interface for remote access to the instrument. A web-based user interface can be used for all configuration settings and for monitoring system status. Alarm and key status information is also available via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) messaging, enabling easy integration with network management systems. Remote control and alarm reporting is also available via a general purpose interface (GPI). The Tektronix SPG8000 has a front-panel USB port that can be used to backup and restore presets and other user data, and to perform system firmware upgrades.