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New Camcorder Brings 35mm to All


As part of the vision for opening up the creative possibilities of 35mm shooting to everyone, Sony is developing a new, highly-affordable professional NXCAM Camcorder with a Super-35mm large format CMOS sensor that will be available early summer 2011.

For filmmakers working within strict budgets across independent movies and professional productions, the new NXCAM Camcorder delivers extraordinary picture quality and sensitivity. With the ability to precisely control the depth of field, along with other cinematic features, the camcorder equips film makers with a powerful tool for creative and artistic shooting.

Preview: Super-35mm-NXCAM-Camcorder


This NXCAM HD camcorder under development will be equipped with a Super-35mm equivalent sensor, a widely used film stock size in the film industry that is perfectly designed for capturing motion picture. This new sensor will have extraordinary performance in terms of picture quality and sensitivity, and is able to create rich "Bokeh" effect (beautifully defocused image) that is perfect for artistic story-telling in motion picture.

Thanks to the adoption of the E-mount interchangeable lens system that is identical to the "α" series NEX-5, 3 and "Handycam" NEX-VG10, the E-mount lenses will be compatible with this new professional camcorder. In addition, a very short flange back distance (the distance between lens mount surface and sensor surface) let various "α" A-mount lenses be mounted via a mount adaptor (LA-EA1). Furthermore, it is also possible to attach many other lenses using third-party mount adaptors (Not all types of adaptors and lenses are guaranteed). With such flexibility, users will be able to experiment with various creative expressions by exploiting the characteristics of different optics.

The recording format for this new HD camcorder will be AVCHD, a widely supported format by many non-linear editing software vendors and the same format available with the HXR-NX5 "NXCAM" camcorder. There is also a plan to implement 1080p (60p / 30p / 24p*2 or 50p / 25p) recording modes. (MPEG4-AVC/H.264 compression will be used for these modes.)


Creating the most comprehensive 35mm range

As the demand for digital motion shooting with a 35mm size sensor continues to grow, Sony is committed to ensuring the range and capabilities of cameras and camcorders enable everyone to stun audiences with 35mm cinematic impact.

From the highest-end feature films to tighter budget productions, Sony want to ensure that every content creator has precise control over depth of field and access to the huge range of cinematic lenses available.

With the world’s most renowned professionals already using the Sony flagship F35 camera, Sony’s 35mm technology combines superior image quality with hardware reliability and smooth workflow management.

Now – building on this unrivalled heritage in Digital Cinematography, from digital HD acquisition to the legendary CineAlta range – Sony is applying its unique expertise to creating 35mm cameras for professionals at every level. With Sony, everyone can experience the world of 35mm shooting.

More choice for high-end performance

The cinematic artistry afforded by 35mm is a prerequisite for big budget filmmakers, and the hugely successful F35 camera has set new standards for digital acquisition. Now Sony has packed the legendary performance of the F35 into the new SRW-9000PL camcorder. Using the same Super 35mm CCD sensor and PL mount as the F35, the SRW-9000PL captures breathtaking images and ensures compatibility with the wide choice of PL mount lenses and film-style accessories. Recording in HDCAM SR also guarantees excellence in post – a benefit that has ensured its widespread adoption across the post production sector. Broadcasters around the world now specify HDCAM SR as a master format for productions where quality cannot be compromised.


Big budget filming without the big budget

Alongside the developments at both entry-level and high-end 35mm shooting, the new PMW-F3 Super 35mm Full HD Compact Camcorder brings cinematic image quality to DoPs and filmmakers working within mid-range budgets. Fitting seamlessly into multiple industry-standard file-based workflows, the PMW-F3 provides exceptional flexibility.

Ideal for independent movies, pop promos, commercials and other applications, as well as a B-camera for high-end feature films, the PMW-F3 is a stunning new addition to the CineAlta 24P range of digital cinematography products.

Delivering the powerful creative tools that can capture truly cinematic content, Sony’s commitment to the evolution of 35mm is enabling filmmakers to achieve new levels of artistry and engagement.