Neutrik @ IBC2014 | XIRIUM X


The vision of a wireless transmission between two connectors and a transmission of audio signals in studio quality has been turned into reality by Neutrik with the development of the innovative DIWA technology. DIWA (Digital Wireless Audio) stands for digital data transmission without data compression and provides high-level sound quality. Though wireless, the audio signals are transmitted by DIWA in studio quality. As a result no compromise from an audio point of view needs to be made in situations where no cable can or should be used.

With XIRIUM X, a new, innovative product and the entry point into the world of DIWA technology, Neutrik is setting a new standard in the professional wireless audio transmission. Besides pure sound, robust transmission, plug and play and multifunctional use, XIRIUM X provides even more:

Easy access into the world of DIWA technology
Within only a few seconds a transmission unit (XTX) is connected with a receiving unit (XRX) – the easiest way into the world of DIWA technology which offers the possibility to enjoy a wireless audio transmission with an outstanding sound quality. The audio signal from the XTX can be received from an unlimited number of XRX. That is why XIRIUM X with a simple setup is already a perfect solution for many applications.

Extended version – the tailor made solution
For the transmission of diverse audio signals the system can be extended up to 4 channels. In this setup the XTX on the first audio channel becomes the master of the system and manages up to 3 more connected XTX which transmit the other audio signals. An unlimited number of XRX can be integrated in this setup as well whilst each XRX can alternatively select one of the 4 audio signals.


Overcome barriers with the XRX in repeater mode
The XRX can either be used as a pure receiving unit or as a repeater. In repeater mode the XRX receives the signal from the XTX and sends the identical signal out again. This signal can then be received by an unlimited number of XRX in receiving mode. The repeater is a perfect completion of the system and can be used as a range extender, wall breaker and is a useful device for a transmission around corners and to overcome other barriers. In repeater mode a transmission of maximum 2 audio signals or one stereo signal is possible.


True diversity makes the transmission even more robust
The XRX in repeater mode has an additional functionality: as the repeater duplicates the signal coming from the XTX and sends it out again it becomes a second, redundant signal source for every additional XRX. That means that an XRX which is located within the range of the XTX and the repeater can choose between two identical signals and is automatically choosing the signal with better receiving quality. Also this setup can be extended up to 2 audio signals or one stereo signal, whereat only one repeater is required for both channels.

Neutrik, the worldwide leading supplier of professional connectors for the entertainment industry, hence becomes a competent partner for applications in the field of copper connectors, fiberoptic systems and wireless solutions.