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National Film Academy in Moscow opts for DVS CLIPSTER

Professional working environment at the Moscow Film Academy with CLIPSTER®

The renowned Russian Federation State University of Cinematography (VGIK) has created ideal operating conditions for its students: CLIPSTER® from DVS enables a start-to-finish post production workflow including DCI Mastering, 3D subtitling and real-time editing of RAW data.

At the Russian Federation State University of Cinematography (VGIK), DVS technology prepares students for working in the professional film and video business. VGIK, the world’s first film school, offers the opportunity to manage film and television projects in a professional environment. In addition to the VGIK’s own students, filmmakers and business schools benefit from the new DVS equipment: The National Film Academy offers post production trainings to both internal and external audiences.

For CLIPSTER® alone, VGIK built a preview suite in theater size with a 3D projector, individually adapted to their stereoscopic projects. Here, CLIPSTER’s latest DCI capabilities meet all real-time demands: The DI workstation generates 3D DCPs (Digital Cinema Packages) in real time and its sophisticated hardware helps accelerate DCI Mastering and 3D subtitling.

At VGIK, the DVS flagship CLIPSTER® manages all post production steps, such as processing RAW data in real time. The award-winning DI workstation creates a single timeline from a wide range of different RAW data, e.g. material from RED®, ARRI D-20/D-21, Phantom or Silicon Imaging’s SI-2K cameras. All RAW formats can be decoded and demosaiced in real time. Sophisticated features such as rendering and DCI Mastering enable students to process high-resolution film data. VGIK is especially enthusiastic about CLIPSTER’s range of possible applications, such as mastering and conforming as well as its multi-format capabilities.


Viktor V. Bidenko, Chief Engineer at VGIK: "The multi-functional DVS system helps us to perfectly prepare our students for their future employment. Our new, practical environment with CLIPSTER® is an integral part of our training program – it is important to us to have DVS at our side, as a knowledgeable and experienced partner."

Juri Freiberger, DVS Business Development and Pre Sales Eastern Europe: "We are delighted to provide the renowned National Film Academy in Moscow with our flagship product. Working with powerful professional equipment in real-life situations helps students to be optimally trained in processing film and television data."

About VGIK

The National Film Academy Gerassimow Institute for Cinematography (VGIK) was established in 1919 and constitutes the world’s first film school. In 1986 it was renamed after the Russian actor and director Sergei Gerassimow. More than 200 highly qualified teachers and well-known filmmakers lecture at VGIK. The institute is not only famous as a center for teaching and research, but also as the only state-owned film school in Russia that offers its students a start-to-finish production workflow for their film and TV projects.




About DVS

DVS, a Rohde & Schwarz company, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality hardware and software for broadcast, digital film and video post production, presentation and event markets. DVS applications cover the production of popular TV series and Hollywood blockbusters, and enable 4K films for Digital Cinema. With over 25 years of experience in the professional video industry, DVS has cultivated a "passion for perfection," and continues to develop revolutionary systems for customized, flexible, high-performance workflows. With CLIPSTER®, DVS was the first company in the world to make real-time 4K processing possible. Its future-proof video server VENICE offers a flexible solution for modern, file-based workflows in broadcast environments. Headquartered in Hanover (Germany) and Los Angeles (USA), DVS also has branch offices in Miami (USA), Paris (France), Warsaw (Poland), and Singapore.