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Multichannel Instant Replay for Sports

Record and play back in broadcast quality

A play unfolds in seconds. The operator reacts instantly. ZEPLAY brings all of the action to one screen using a configurable multiviewer. ZEPLAY’s controller includes marking and tagging clips, retrieving and playing them back, choosing the camera angle, and has the ability to view the game’s progress in an visual tool called the play bar. Record and play back in broadcast quality I-Frame-only MPEG-2 with bit rates of up to 100mbps. All of this power is encased in a 4RU chassis that is rugged enough for truck use and includes redundant power and RAID5 content storage.

The Features

Built-in Multi-viewer
No need for dedicated monitors for the replay operator. ZEPLAY’s interface shows all input and output signals on one inexpensive display. GOAL!

Dedicated Controller
ZEPLAY’s controller is built for replays, with a tactile jog/shuttle wheel and 20 quick-tag keys to mark plays in an instant.

Broadcast Ready
ZEPLAY includes redundant power and RAID storage. Unstable video on any input is gracefully handled, keeping everything in time.

Tagging and Marking
ZEPLAY features tagging and key play marking for quick filtering and recall of the action.

Independent Angle Control
Any output can be controlled independently. Two angles can roll together for a split view while the other two channels are ready to show the next view of the play.

Play Bar
ZEPLAY’s play bar gives you a graphical view of the action so you always know where you’re at within the game.

ZEPLAY System Schematics


ZEPLAY consists of three Parts

A single unit can store up to 160 hours of HD footage (40 hours per channel), all enclosed in a 4RU, 21" deep chassis, which is perfect for flypacks and mobile production. ZEPLAY also provides you with macro programmable GPI inputs and outputs so you can run tally and integrate with your existing production system.

ZEPLAY Controller
The ZEPLAY controller features a t-bar that allows you to play a clip at +/-200% speed, and a jog/shuttle wheel with magnetic stops for a tactile control. All operations are available at your fingertips, which gives you the accuracy and speed you need when you're under pressure.

ZEPLAY Interface
ZEPLAY's software interface allows you to customize and save your layouts for a more optimized workflow. Its multi-viewer displays all four inputs and outputs, simultaneously on the same monitor. The play bar allows you to view the game's timeline much like an NLE system. All plays can be tagged and stored in the play list for instant retrieval and playback.