Mosart Medialab to Demonstrate Newscast Automation at News Xchange 

Mosart's newscast automation enhances visual presentation and agility while reducing operational costs

Mosart Medialab today announced that it will showcase the Mosart® automation system at the News Xchange show in Barcelona, Nov. 14-16. Mosart will demonstrate how flexibility and support for the widest range of newsroom computer systems and broadcast devices make the Mosart automation system a powerful and economical solution for simple creation and delivery of news broadcasts.

"To address business and operational challenges and constraints, more and more broadcasters are moving to automation — and choosing Mosart," said John Kjellevold, managing director at Mosart Medialab. "We look forward to demonstrating the efficiency that Mosart newscast automation offers for news producers and editors. Even as the system reduces a news organization's costs, it enhances the quality of the on-air product by ensuring fewer on-air errors, enabling greater agility in handling the rundown, and supporting simple construction and playout of complicated sequences with effects, clips, and graphics."

Simplifying the many control tasks within the broadcast production chain, Mosart automation enables the human resources within a news organization to focus on creativity and content production, rather than on technical tasks. In addition to enabling as few as one operator to run a newscast, the system provides the flexibility needed to handle breaking news.


Mosart automation is installed in more than 50 news control rooms worldwide. The system is used by Sky Sport News HD in Germany; ARD for Tagesschau; Al Jazeera in the Balkans; BBC World; Nordic public broadcasters including NRK, YLE, SVT, and DR; and the large commercial broadcasters including TV4, TV 2 Norway, and TV 2 Denmark. This list grows longer every month.

Throughout the News Xchange show, Mosart representatives will be on hand to provide in-depth demonstrations and answer any questions about how Mosart automation serves as a valuable editorial tool in the newsroom environment.


About Mosart Medialab
Mosart Medialab is a subsidiary of TV 2 Norway and one of the cluster of technology spin-offs originating from TV 2, including Vizrt, StormGeo, Vimond, and Wolftech. Mosart Medialab develops and markets the Mosart® automation system for news, sports, weather, and live broadcasting applications. Conceived in 2002 at TV 2 by professional news directors, producers, and editors, Mosart meets the demands of live production by simplifying workflow and control, eliminating operational errors, and providing a highly flexible environment for ad hoc operation. High-level gallery control is combined with a sophisticated user interface, making it easy to override the schedule and improvise when breaking news demands instant response. Open-systems architecture ensures industry-leading compatibility with the widest range of third-party systems. Mosart is used for prime-time shows and 24/7 operations by major broadcasters. Mosart is Europe's market leader in studio automation. ARD, BBC, SKY, N24, TV2 Denmark, SVT, YLE, Global TV, and NRK are a few of its customers.