Molden Media, Ventuz and Opta launch Second Screen Application, M2Score

New Ventuz solution partner Molden Media uses Opta’s database to develop M2Score for sports fans

Tablet computers have become the new must-have consumer device with revenues far beyond all expectations. Naturally, broadcasters are trying to find the best way to implement this technology into the viewing experience. Added value is key. But, how do you add significant value to the program without drawing the attention away from the TV screen onto the tablet?

One answer will be launched at NAB2012 by Molden Media, a German service provider in the graphics and TV equipment industry. Molden Media has recently signed as a solution partner of software developer Ventuz Technology. “Ventuz is incredibly flexible”, says Thomas Molden, CEO of Molden Media. “We know almost every product on the market, and have chosen Ventuz 3D realtime graphics for our connected TV application for sports.” The live data partner is Opta, who specialize in collecting, packaging and distributing data for over 30 sports, normally for professional TV commentator and coaching use, and now also available for consumers.

The application is called M2Score. It enables the audience to receive additional live data on the game they are watching on the television. A variety of information widgets are available on the tablet, which can be swiped onto the television screen with a simple flick of the wrist and displayed either as a layer on top of the game or in split screen mode. Thus, viewers do not have to take their eyes off the screen, never miss a single shot, pitch or throw and simultaneously receive live updated game data. Widgets include heatmaps, player and team stats, completed and failed passes, shots on goal and many other details. Additionally, viewers can watch their own highlights clips, on demand.


“This application personalizes an entire game and will give each viewer exactly what they want to see”, says Joachim Sturmes, CEO of Ventuz. “Our tool has always been geared to create stunning interactive experiences. Now it enables you to interact with your television. This is exciting.” 

The application will be launched by Molden Media at NAB 2012, on the Ventuz booth #SL7628.

About Ventuz 
Ventuz Technology AG, located in Munich, Germany, is developer of 3D real-time technologies for presentations, events and broadcast graphics. Their main goal is the creation of solutions that combine state-of-the-art technologies with high class design and thus surpass the visual expectations of any audience. A central focus lies on interactive applications.Among the brands that have used Ventuz for their events and presentations are Microsoft, Porsche, Bosch, Adidas and many more. Furthermore, several TV-stations and production companies worldwide are utilizing the broadcast-version of Ventuz, such as Fox Sports. Some of the best known productions which have been produced with Ventuz are ”Who wants to be a millionaire?”, ”Million Pound Drop” and “Big Brother”.


About Opta
Opta has the world of sport covered. We collect, package and distribute information on around 60,000 fixtures every year, from over 30 different sports in around 70 countries. Since our inception in 1996 we’ve built up the most comprehensive historical sports database on the planet. This means that we understand sport, and we understand the part that data, information and statistics have to play in the fabric of sport.We believe that data is too important to the world of sport to be consigned to reams of numbers and boring, confusing lists. We’ll leave that to bus timetables.We are determined to make sense of stats, bringing the data to life in a way that everyone can understand. It’s our passion and it’s the reason that sports fans recognise and value our brand. It is because of this that Opta’s data finds its way into every corner of the sports industry. We are equally comfortable helping our media clients power their coverage as we are assisting the world’s best football clubs scout and recruit new talent. Our understanding of sport and the industry around it means that we know how best to supply the information in the way it is required.Coupled with this passion for sport is a highly skilled technical team who work throughout the year developing our infrastructure to maintain our position as the partner of choice for some of the biggest brands in the world. The sports industry doesn’t stay still and we understand that we must constantly innovate to help our customers stay at the top of their game.

About Molden Media 
Molden Media GmbH is a global provider of systems, graphics design, software and services for television production.Based near Munich, the team includes specialists in TV production, design, product and bespoke development and system integration.We assist broadcasters in utilizing new ways to reach and engage with their audience. With experience in shopping channels, SMS, voting systems, elections, iPad application development, multitouch, data integration, social media integration hybrid and connected TV broadcasting no challenge is out of reach.