MicW Makes Better Sound for Mobile Journalism 

From Lavalier Mics To Measurement Mics

MicW, the Beijing-based manufacturer of quality microphones, has launched new i-Series microphones for mobile devices at this year's NAB exhibition in Las Vegas, USA. The i-Series ranges from recording, interview, shotgun, lavalier to headworn microphones for iPhone, iPad and other smart phones.

The i-series microphones are specially design for mobile journalism with small size, durability, ruggedness and easy to use. The best of all they make perfect sound in your mobile devices. Whether you are making videos, or doing interviews, or recording group discussions, or attending conferences, there will be a perfect microphone for your mobile journalism applications. MicW makes better sound for your mobile phones.

Two new products --i825 and i855 have been added to i Series; i Series, special designed for iPhone、iPad and other mobile devices, now include i436 professional Class 2 mic for measurement and recording ,i456 cardioid mic for general purpose,i266 high sensitivity cardioids mic for high quality recording,i825 omni lavalier mic and i855 cardioid lavalier mic for convenient interview recording,HD video productions,ENG,and more.


MicW is widening the focus of its main ranges, after last year's i series and T series, L Series Lavalier Microphones & M Series Measurement microphones will go to the marketing in succession.

The L-Series are MicW' new professional Lavalier microphones. With their extremely small size and superior EMI protection, they deliver the maximum performance where a warm and clear sound, which makes the L-series a well suitable and reliable partner. The MicW L-Series can assist you in many applications like: Broadcasting, ENG, Conference and Stage work.

The M series is professional measurement microphone complying with the IEC 61094 and IEC 61672 sound level meter standards, entirely apart from the likes in the market.

BSWA, MicW's mother company, has produced a full range of acoustic measurement devices more than 14 years, provides MicW the advantage in measurement microphone fields. The M series for audio applications reflect that experience.

"Our aim is to have a microphone that's right for almost any recording application, at price points that are attractive to anyone interested in recording." comments MicW's CEO Qunli Wu.


About MicW
MicW is the recording microphone subsidiary of Beijing-based BWSA Tech Ltd, which has been manufacturing precision test and measurement microphones for the domestic Chinese market for over 14 years. Since 2009, the company has been activelymarketing their products internationally, offering six ranges of mics, the E-Series entry level microphones, i-Series microphones for iOS and other portable devices,L-Series lavalier microphones, M-Series test measurement microphones, N-Series nickel diaphragm high performance microphones, and T-Series titanium diaphragm large diameter microphones,range from fashion models to precision-matched largediaphragm pairs with nickel and titanium diaphragms.