Mediatec Chooses LYNX Technik Interfaces for New Streamlined OB Van Concept

Mediatec's HD12 will be on show at the Broadcast Solutions Open House 2012 on 13th June

Mediatec Broadcast, a European provider that specializes in the management and delivery of technical solutions for broadcast and event productions, has chosen LYNX Technik modular interface solutions for the production and broadcast of sporting and other special events throughout Europe. The new Mediatec OB Van will be based in Sweden and is currently being used for the media and television production services of Sweden's most popular and elite sports league, the Swedish Hockey League.

Broadcast Solutions, a system integrator and sales & service partner of LYNX Technik implemented the complete Outside Broadcast Van (OB Van) for Mediatec, which was delivered at the end of February 2012.

The new Mediatec OB Van "HD12" is based on the standardized "Streamline Concept," a production design that has been modeled around a user-friendly technology infrastructure, as well as reduced costs. Mediatec was offered the opportunity by Broadcast Solutions to select a mobile broadcast vehicle with a desired feature-set that was already in production, resulting in rapid turn-around and delivery.

Mediatec along with Broadcast Solutions selected LYNX Technik interface solutions to provide the "glue" that would handle all the signal processing requirements within the OB van and at outside broadcast events. Broadcast Solutions having previously worked with LYNX Technik on a number of projects, based their decision on the high quality, feature-rich, and attractive feature to price ratio that the LYNX solutions offered.


Mediatec currently employs over 40 LYNX Technik Series 5000 and yellobrik interfaces and modules in their HD12 OV Van, which include:
- 6 x HD/SD Monitoring Down Converters - Model: CDX 5624
- 1 x Dual CVBS to SDI Decoders / Converters and Frame Synchronizers - Model CAD 5122
- 8 x Analog HD/SD Distribution Amplifiers - Model: DVA 5710 and DVA 5720
- 5 x Dual HD/SD Distribution Amplifiers - Model: DVD 5620 and DVD 5610
- 6 x Dual HD/SD Frame Synchronizers with second input and down conversion - Model: PVD 5660
- 4 x AES Embedders / De-embedders with fiber I/O - Model: PDM 5288 D
- 4 x yellobrik 3G Fiber Optic / SDI Transceiver System - Model: OTR 1810

Production Area and Audio Area in Mediatec's HD12


The LYNX Technik modular equipment plays an integral role in the new Mediatec HD12 10-camera OB van and integrate seamlessly with the following other solutions; 10x Grass Valley LDK-800/8300 cameras, a Grass Valley Kayak 2.5 ME video switcher, a Miranda Kaleido-X multi-viewer, a LAWO mc ² 56 audio mixer, a Riedel Artist 64x64 KDO system, and a VSM Studio Control System.

The HD12 OB Van includes a Director's desk with five seats, four slow motion or multi-functional workstations, and an additional expansion module in the control room.

"LYNX Technik is a reliable partner of Mediatec Broadcast and their interface solutions have allowed us to streamline our broadcast event productions all while being one of the most highly efficient modular solutions on the market today," comments Jens Envall, Chief Engineer at Mediatec Broadcast.


"Our overall strategy in the European market, and the world for that matter, has always been to provide high quality solutions for specific problems that our customers face," comments Winfried Deckelmann, LYNX Technik President. "We have a strong team of engineers, pre and post-sales support personnel, and a management team that are dedicated to supporting our clients and partners with feature-rich products and solutions, as well as excellent service. We are proud that Mediatec and Broadcast Solutions selected our interface solutions for this exciting project."

About Mediatec Broadcast
Mediatec Broadcast, part of Mediatec Group, is one of Europe’s most experienced outside broadcast corporations. We have great experience of international events in sports and entertainment and how to handle live broadcasts all over the world.Every event has its specific requirements. To meet each of these, we work in four integrated business areas, Outside Broadcast, Mobile Links, Production and Wireless/Camera Solutions. This enables us to supply adequate solutions for any broadcast. Mediatec Broadcast has an extensive range of outside broadcast units and production facilities. These include a fleet of more than 20 OB trucks, flight-pack facilities, studios, special cameras, 30-camera link systems, uplink trucks and fiber MCR’s.Our track record reveals credits from large-scale broadcasts such as the Olympic Games in Sarajevo, Albertville, Lillehammer, Athens and Beijing, The Wimbledon Championships, The Nobel Prize Awards and Tour de France. To this should be added our experience as supplier to the host broadcaster for the Eurovision Song Contest, UEFA Cup Final, Champions League and IIHF World Championships.


About LYNX Technik
LYNX Technik AG is an industry leader and technology provider of signal processing solutions for broadcast and professional use. LYNX Technik AG is an independent privately owned company with its headquarters, research and manufacturing facilities based in Weiterstadt, Germany. Sales and Support is covered through secondary distribution channels managed from its headquarters in Germany, Singapore, and the USA.

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