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MAYAH C11 and SPORTY Audio Codecs in use in Vancouver during the Winter Games 2010

Mayah C11

ARD/ZDF (Germany), YLE (Finland), Avtoradio (Russia), NRK (Norway) and other broadcasters are using MAYAH codecs such as C11 Audio Codec, SPORTY Reporter Codec, as well as the Centauri II for their production during the Winter Olympics 2010.

Finnish national broadcaster YLE

Innovative approach of the Finnish national broadcaster YLE for their audio signals transportation has already gained international attention of the industry professionals. MAYAH C11, SPORTY and Centauri II units are used to back-up the main lines and to provide additional connectivity with Audio-over-IP. Besides, the codecs from MAYAH will become the main tool for Audio-over-IP signal transportation for YLE during the Paralympics next month.

ARD/ZDF production unit within the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC)

ARD/ZDF huge production unit within the International Broadcasting Centre (IBC) in Vancouver requires a lot of communication possibilities with the outside broadcasting positions and with the home country. MAYAH codecs provide already traditional coverage for all ISDN communication needs. Some codecs are playing the stand-by role for a back-up telephone connections. With their capability to communicate with every imaginable ISDN codec in the world or to make normal telephone calls and doing Audio-over-IP with SIP/RTP according to EBU N/ACIP standard, MAYAH devices provide a flexible solution for complicated audio routing scenarios of the big sporting event production.


Olympics coverage by Avtoradio

Russian Avtoradio belongs to the country’s largest private media group and is one of the most popular radio stations in Russia and in the countries of the former USSR. Several MAYAH SPORTY and C11 units are used by their reporters primarily for mobile live audio contribution. SPORTY transmits the audio over 3G from everywhere in the city and surroundings to the main studio at the IBC. Olympics coverage by Avtoradio is broadcasted to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Moldova and Kyrgyzstan, as well as locally in Vancouver where Russians obtained a temporary license for an AM frequency.


C11 is the newest audio codec generation from the leading German manufacturer MAYAH Communications. 14 different models– all as tiny as 1/2 19-inch and 1U, consuming only 8-12W power, they cover all needs of the broadcasters and telecom operators for their real-time audio transmissions. C11 provides Audio-over-IP based strictly on EBU standard for SIP/RTP using Ethernet or 3G interfaces. For highest reliability and ease-of-use when transmitting over the public Internet a standards-based Automatic Jitter Compensation technology is used. C11 family also supports 4x ISDN, Dual IP interface for redundant streaming or separate streaming & control, as well as POTS. All major audio formats are supported: from G.711 & G.722, linear audio (PCM) and Layer2/3 to MPEG-4 AAC, HE-AACv2 or the newest AAC ELD. Optionally there are apt-X/Eapt-X and 4SB ADPCM/Micda available. Advanced models provide also an audio logging or playback to/from a local storage media like SD Card or USB stick.


MAYAH Sporty

SPORTY is the reporter codec with 4 high quality audio inputs and two stereo headphone/line outputs, with Audio-over-IP, 3G, BGAN, ISDN & POTS connectivity. Robust and lightweight it offers up to 5 hours of battery life and simultaneous recording/playback on SD card or USB memory stick.