The Many Colours of White

ETC introduces Source Four LED Studio HD spotlight

“White is the presence of all colours. ETC wanted to make a white-light LED spotlight that would be worthy of professional broadcast, film, and video production,” says ETC’s Matt Armendariz-Kerr. So ETC has released the new Source Four LED Studio HD, which utilises the colour technology of ETC’s Selador x7 Color System for a more spectrally complete white light that can be finely tuned to the on screen talent.

With a unique recipe of LED colour blending, the Studio HD is designed to perform in a high definition production world where people (with varying flesh tones) need to look their best. The Studio HD combines exceptional light output with an ultra-flexible, variable white light (2700K-6500K), for more accurate colour rendition on camera.

A multipurpose tool, the Source Four LED Studio HD is ideal for key, bounce, smooth or textured lighting. And as a Source Four fixture, the Studio HD offers a sharp, clean beam with precision optics.


With an adjustable PWM output (920-1500Hz and the new high 25K mode), Studio HD’s flicker-free options prevent the undesirable side effects that commonly arise when using LEDs with high speed and rolling shutter cameras.

ETC Source Four LED Studio HD


And no external controller is necessary – with stand-alone functions and controls right on the back of each fixture, the Studio HD is a smart addition to the professional lighting kit. Settings and presets can be easily copied to multiple Source Four LED or ETC Selador Desire luminaires, via just one master fixture, making the lighting designer’s job easier and faster.

The Source Four LED Studio HD comes in fixed or variable-focus zoom models. A convenient permanent-installation soft focus diffuser kit is also available.

ETC engineers all of its LED fixtures to blend beautifully alongside incandescent, fluorescent, and other LED sources in today’s hybrid lighting rigs. The Source Four LED Studio HD also accepts all conventional-Source Four accessories (iris, gobo pattern holders, top hats etc), making it a great addition to an existing Source Four luminaire inventory.


The Source Four LED Studio HD joins the Source Four LED family of Lustr+, which offers a full colour spectrum; Tungsten 3000K, offering warm whites; and Daylight 5600K, offering cool whites. The Selador Classic and Desire range of LED fixtures, meanwhile, continue to sparkle; as do the conventional  incandescent Source Four spotlight range– complemented by the Source Four HID discharge line and the new, low voltage, Source Four Mini – whose high efficiency optics have made them most popular theatrical style fixture ever, selling well over 3 million worldwide.