Macau Public TV Expands Studio Operations With Telemetrics Camera Robotics

Public Broadcaster TDM Grows with Additional Robotic Camera Systems

Teledifusão de Macau (TDM), is the public television broadcast network in Macau, a special administrative region of the People's Republic of China. In an ongoing effort to enhance efficiencies while improving production versatility, TDM continues to expand its studio production operations with Telemetrics’ scalable camera robotics and control system. The additional camera system in TDM’s live TV studio further streamlines production operations and provides highly efficient workflow strategies.

“The scalability of the Telemetrics camera robotics and control system will allow TDM to easily expand the system,” said Anthony E. Cuomo, President, Telemetrics. “The additional equipment will be seamlessly integrated to provide an immediate and additional contribution towards the goal of providing cost-efficient and creative production of local news programming.”

TDM’s latest enhancement to their studio system includes an additional Telemetrics high performance PT-HP-S4 servo pan/tilt head with an Ikegami HDL-45E box camera. The PT-HP-S4 can be programmed with up to 255 preset movements which can be instantly executed using smooth motion, multi-axis convergence technology. The pan/tilt head is powered by the chassis-mounted AC/DC PS-CM-48 power supply and is controlled via a 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet connection.


The new PT-HP-S4 servo pan/tilt head is mounted on the ceiling to one of two of Telemetrics’ highly versatile TG3-TRO TeleGlide® camera track systems. The additional camera system will supplement Telemetrics’ PT-LP-S4 Pan-Tilt heads outfitted with teleprompters and mounted to the company’s EP-5S Elevating Pedestals that TDM had previously installed on the studio’s ceiling-mounted camera track systems. Telemetrics’ unique ceiling mounted camera systems conserve valuable studio floor space while providing TDM’s production crew with tremendous versatility and the ability to capture a whole new range of interesting camera angles. The entire camera system is controlled from the Telemetrics CP-D-3A Desktop Control Panel and powerful CPS Studio Control System Software.

The China-based NDT Group, one of the most reputable high-end broadcasting, multimedia system integrators in the region, performed the installation which also includes a Sony switcher, Media Alliance news automation and media asset management software, Yamaha audio mixer, Arri lighting systems and Evertz studio peripherals.


Teledifusão de Macau, S.A., which was formed in 1984, offers analog programming in Chinese and Portuguese as well as digital channels that feature sports, lifestyle, HD programming, and China Central Television news along with 24-hour radio services. The TDM public television network features the cultural diversity, rich history and dynamic social economic development that characterize Macau and it is expected that along with the new studio hardware the broadcaster will also expand its English language content services.

Telemetrics, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of camera control components and systems for broadcast, industrial, educational, medical and military applications. The company’s highly specialized line includes: camera robotics systems including programmable computer controlled pan/tilt mechanisms, weatherproof camera robotic systems, motorized camera trolley systems, advanced control software, and a wide variety of programmable controllers. Additional products include camera control systems through triax cable, RF and fiber links and teleconferencing and distance learning systems.