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Look No Wires – ADAM has gone wireless

Wireless Audio Monitors

ADAM Audio, a Market leader in professional audio monitoring has teamed up with Raumfeld the multi room specialists to launch a high performance wireless speaker system.

The New Speaker M based on ADAM's successful and critically acclaimed A-series monitor systems, the new Speaker M has been co-developed with Raumfeld to offer the same exceptional sound quality in a convenient and versatile wireless format.

new standards in high frequency transducers

The Speaker M is equipped with ADAM's new X-ART tweeter, which sets new standards in high frequency transducers with a frequency response up to 50 kHz, efficiency of 96 dB/W/m and a higher maximum sound pressure level. ADAM's 5.5 inch Rohacell subwoofer is employed in the low frequency range.

ADAM's integrated digital amplifier was perfectly adapted to these speakers for true high-definition sound. Both amplifiers (each with 25/40 W RMS/music) are built-in, eliminating the need for additional components. Delivery is in March 2010.

Raumfeld's wireless system

Using Raumfeld's wireless system, audio enthusiasts can comfortably enjoy exceptional music reproduction in different rooms throughout the home. The system includes a user-friendly touch screen remote, standards-based music server and high-quality WLAN-speakers. Existing equipment can easily be integrated. To ensure absolutely synchronous reproduction Raumfeld has developed a technology for standard WLAN porticos, which is patent-pending.

"Much as ADAM Audio once built a bridge between studio equipment and Home audio, Raumfeld now connects the sophisticated world of High Fidelity with the diversity and availability of digital music," said Michael Hirsch, technology chief of Raumfeld.


Research and development of two partners

"As the only manufacturer of connected Home Audio with ADAM Audio as a partner, we can now offer premium speakers with an outstanding price-performance ratio.

“Typical providers of wireless audio systems do not strive for the best sound quality, but Raumfeld is different,” said Klaus Heinz, founder and chief executive ADAM Audio. “Our cooperation shows how research and development of two partners can complement each other to combine innovative technology in transmission and loudspeakers in an unusual system.”