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Long runtime for sports events

The artemis EFP HD special edition camera stabilizer by Sachtler offers optimum functionality for camera work at sports events

Camera stabilizing in any situation – whether at the Winter Games, soccer matches or boxing. The artemis EFP HD special edition camera stabilizer system from Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand, offers optimum functionality for camera work at sports events. The new high-capacity technology ensures an extremely long run time of both the camera and wireless systems. Thanks to Hot Swap technology, the replacement of the batteries is possible without interrupting the power supply to the camera, monitor or transmission path. Furthermore, the artemis EPF HD SE supports the processing of HD SDI video signals of up to 4.5 GHz as well as SD video signals.

With its multitude of characteristics and technical solutions, the artemis EFP HD Special Edition is perfectly adapted to modern HD cameras as well as to digital cinematography. Ideal for covering sports events, which are a particular challenge for camera teams and technology, the artemis system offers an ultra lightweight design as well as longer runtime. This is a decisive advantage, particularly when using wireless cameras. With the artemis high-capacity technology (HiCap), the operator and the OB van technicians are ensured increased reliability of the production process. As artemis developer and operator Curt O. Schaller explains: “Our new HiCap technology is based on a combination of new internal wiring and new connectors designed to maximize energy capacity of the batteries and provide an ultra low level of voltage drop, enabling extremely long runtime.”

HiCap: More than 200 Watts output

In addition to the standard outputs for camera power supply, focus power and aux power, the camera stabilizer system has a special HiCap (high-capacity) output for the camera’s power supply. The new power out socket (LEMO 2B 6 pin) was designed for the type and configuration of the RED ONE camera but can also be connected to other cameras with the new HiCap camera power cables. This enables up to 15 amps and 14.4 volts on the HiCap output, which is more than 200 Watts. The combination of the HiCap technology, Hot Swap and the new socket doubles the runtime of the camera and the accessories being used.


Voltage drop less than four percent

In the case of the RED ONE, which requires an average of 110 Watts, the EFP HD SE guarantees a voltage drop of less than four percent and the best and most efficient use of the storage batteries than was ever before possible with a camera stabilizing system. If original RED BRICK storage batteries are used, the new internal wiring allows the current battery capacity of the storage battery to be indicated on the display of the RED ONE.

Hot Swap technology: Replacement of storage battery without rebooting

Should a storage battery need to be replaced, the artemis EFP HD SE provides for a continuous power supply. “Therefore, the camera does not have to be turned off during the replacement and the transmission path to the OB vehicle is not interrupted,“ says Curt O. Schaller. “Because of the artemis Hot Swap technology, the camera operator is spared having to reboot which can save decisive seconds at sports events.“ A special electronic system from Anton/Bauer guarantees the smooth operation of the Hot Swap.


4.5 GHz HD SDI video cable

The artemis EFP HD SE supports the processing of HD SDI video signals of up to 4.5 GHz. The HD SDI video cable allows the application of high-grade HD monitors, which are state-of-the-art, like the Transvideo Cine Monitor HD 6" SBL. The operator has maximum control over his/her work with the built-in waveform monitor, the digital bubble, as well as the freely adjustable frame lines. Of course the system, as well as the monitor also enables the use of SD cameras.

Modularity, Dual Dynamic Balance and ACT2 Vest

Additional features of the Special Edition artemis EFP HD SE are:

· The modular concept, which for the first time enables the application of a so-called “Super Post“ in an HD camera stabilizer system. By using the up to 1.6 metre long center post, unusual perspectives can now also be achieved when using HD cameras.
· The patented Dual Dynamic Balance allows for the free positioning of up to two batteries at four different positions on the lower sled of the system. Therefore, the system always has sufficient power as well as versatile battery mounting to enable quick and perfect dynamic balance.
· The artemis ACT2 Vest and the artemis ACT2 Spring Arm are ideal additions to the modularly designed artemis camera stabilizer system. The ergonomic vest is made of high quality materials and can be ideally adapted to the respective physique by means of the modular “7 segment design". The mating block is compatible with the American standard industry connector. The ACT2 spring arm is available in an aluminium version or in a lightweight carbon version as well as with three different sets of springs up to 26kg. The artemis ACT2 carbon version is ideal for live operation due to its light weight and the ease of use.

Like all the systems of the artemis product line, the artemis EFP HD SE system offers genuine German engineering. Today, the artemis system by Sachtler has the most appealing cost/performance ratio on the market. To learn professional handling of the camera stabilizer system, camera operators can register to participate in a workshop at the Wendelin Sachtler Academy.


Sachtler, Camera Dynamics GmbH

Sachtler, founded in 1958 by cameraman Wendelin Sachtler, is the worldwide market leader for professional camera support systems for cinematography and television production, its name a symbol of top quality and reliability for decades. With an extensive range of camera support systems as well as a finely modulated product line of reportage lighting, Sachtler is the highly qualified partner for cameramen, film and TV studios. Since 2000 Sachtler has been offering the artemis modular camera stabilizer system. With its numerous workshops and training sessions, the Wendelin Sachtler Academy has become a top address worldwide for invaluable know-how and the exchange of information, creating the ideal international platform for creative talents.