LiveU Product Preview


LiveU will demonstrate its complete range of bonded 3G/4G uplink solutions for broadcast and online media, offering a one-stop-shop for live news, sports and event coverage.  This includes the latest mobile application with its innovative handheld Smart Grip as well LiveU’s leading Xtender technology for extra-strong signal resiliency.

Based on the fourth-generation of LiveU’s disruptive technology, the portfolio includes a wide choice of solutions to meet customers’ different needs, ranging from Ka-band satellite supported devices to software-based mobile apps:

·    Professional-grade LU70 backpack, with its proprietary internal and external antenna arrays for extra-strong resiliency and sub-second latency;

·    Belt-clip or camera-mounted LU40-S device, weighing less than 700 grammes (1.5 pounds), with its internal antenna and new live newsgathering features;

·    LU-Smart mobile app solutions, bringing bonded transmission to mobile phones and tablets (iPhone, iPad and Android devices), including its patent-pending Smart Grip device with its chargeable battery and MiFi channel (or any other mobile hotspot) in a handheld monopod;


·    LU-Lite software-only solution (Win and Mac), enabling fast and reliable file transfer and live video over multiple platforms, from fixed locations, in the field and on-the-move;

·    LiveU integrated Xtender antenna for extra-strong resiliency in extreme scenarios – vehicle-mounted or tripod mounted.

All LiveU products are incorporated into the LiveU Total™ ecosystem by LiveU’s unified management platform, enabling control rooms to manage multiple video feeds from LiveU units operating in diverse locations.


Company Details:
LiveU Inc.
2 University Plaza Drive, Suite 505
Hackensack, NJ 07601,
Tel:         (201)-742-5228
Fax:         (201)-623-4838
Email:         [email protected] (Int’l), [email protected] (Americas)