Livetools Introduced the HD Runner III at the Milpol Fair

In 2006, LiveTools was aquired by SFP (Société Française de Production) and is now a member of EuroMedia Group

This 3rd generation RF transmitter was developed to meet EMF’s specific requirements. It addresses  real problems encountered in the broadcast world. HD Runner III is a highly modular and portable transmitter which can be plugged directly onto the back of professional video cameras, installed in a vehicle or integrated in a rack system.

The HD Runner III includes 422/420 MPEG2 low delay encoding, COFDM digital modulation and RF transmission with up to 630mW RF output power in a compact and convenient package. It provides many flexible audio, video and data interfaces as well as an optional wireless camera control system.

It offers user-interchangeable RF modules for 1310-2000, 1990-2700 and 3400-3800 MHz frequency bands.

Technical Characteristics
•   Adjustable RF output power : +10 dBm (10 mW) to +28 dBm (630 mW) in 0.1 dBm steps.

•   Several frequency bands (available now: 1310-2000, 1990-2700, 3400-3800 MHz; expected soon: 7000-7900 MHz) that can be changed by the user through quick and simple RF module replacement.

•   Agile RF output frequency within each frequency band (500 kHz or 250 kHz steps).

•   Standard product: 8 MHz channel bandwidth; additional 10 and 20 MHz bandwidths as an option.

•   COFDM digital modulation with 2K sub-carriers : DVB-T standard (compliant to ETSI 300744) or DPROx (option).


•   422/420 MPEG2 low delay video encoding (compliant to ISO/IEC 13818).

•    1 transport stream input (ASI).

•    1 video input (CVBS, YUV, RGB or SDI).

•    PAL and NTSC operation.

•    2 high-quality audio inputs (mic, mic+phantom, line or SDI embedded) - 128 kbps per channel.

•    2 low-quality audio inputs (mic, line or SDI embedded) - 64 kbps per channel.

•    1 data input port (RS232) - 9600, 4800 or 1200 bps (i.e. for GPS information).

•    1 control port (RS422) for wired remote control of device (i.e. from plane cockpit).

•    4 general purpose inputs-outputs (TTL) for custom applications (on specific request).

•    PIN code for content privacy.

•    Fluorescent display for good outdoor visibility.

•    User-friendly man machine interface.

•    Default configuration for plug and play operation.

•    3 pre-defined transmission modes designed to achieve the best trade-off between transmission robustness and video quality for mobile, portable or studio use.

•    Save and recall for 6 user-defined configurations.

•    Fast start-up time (< 8s).

•    DC power input : 10-17Vdc.

•    DC power loopthrough output (10-17Vdc - 4A max, with separate fuse protection).

•    DC power auxiliary output (10-17Vdc - 500 mA max, with separate fuse protection).

•    Automatic device on/off according to camera on/off detection.

•    Power consumption : 25 to 45W depending on RF output power and options.

•    Operating temperature range : -10°C to +50°C.

•    Sophisticated thermal and electrical protection.

•    Size : 200 x 130 x 75 mm.

•   Weight : < 2.0 Kg.

•   CE and UL certified (EMC and safety).


About Livetools Technology SA
LiveTools Technology SA is a Swiss company founded in 1997 (previously named Broadcast Services) which has a wide background in wireless TV production services worldwide. At NAB 2001 Livetools introduced the first portable transmitter combining MPEG2 video compression, COFDM modulation and RF amplification in a package that could fit onto most professional video cameras. This product called CARRY-CODER received 2 awards during the show and the success was immediate: for the first time, TV production teams became able to work without cables and without constraints (no need to point antennas). More than 120 systems of this type have been sold all over the world. In 2006, LiveTools was aquired by SFP (Société Française de Production) and is now a member of Euro Media Group. Euro Media Group is a leading provider of TV & Film facilities and services in Europe.