Lip-sync and Surround-Sound Monitoring options for LV5770

Leader Instruments announces a new optional audio card for its award-winning LV5770 Multi-Monitor

Introduced at NAB 2012, the OP43 audio card incorporates loudness measurement, lip-sync timing analysis and surround-sound monitoring. These new features double the total number of audio capabilities currently available for the LV5770 which already include 16-channel AES/EBU embedded audio input/output, Dolby Audio evaluation and decode as well as 8 channel discreet or embedded digital to analog signal conversion.

"The new OP43 option reinforces the LV5770's position as the most affordable and the most versatile signal analyzer in the broadcast industry," comments George Gonos, President of Leader Instruments Corporation. "The LV5770 departs from the crazily expensive pricing associated with high-definition test equipment over the past decade.

"The OP43's loudness measurement capability allows camera crews, post-production staff and playout supervisors to ensure that content is compliant with the demands of the US Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation Act and its European equivalent, EBU Recommendation 128.


"Lip-sync timing will be appreciated throughout the production, post and playout chain, given the wide disparity between video and audio processing times that can arise between initial signal acquisition and the moment of transmission. Surround sound analysis will also be extremely useful for audio balancers during live mixing and in post-production."


Leader’s LV5770 is a compact broadcast signal analyzer supporting 3G, HD dual link, HD-SDI and SD-SDI signal formats. Its modular design allows easy customization to meet a user’s specific needs. Signal amplitudes, vector, data, color bars and program picture can be viewed individually or in quad-split mode on the instrument’s integral 6.3 inch XGA LCD screen. Video frames can be captured manually or on an automated error-detection basis. Video display options include eye pattern and jitter waveform. Eye pattern rise time, amplitude, fall time, timing jitter, current jitter, rising-edge overshoot and falling-edge overshoot can be measured automatically.

An Ethernet interface can be used to control the LV5770 remotely over Telnet, detect remote system errors via SNMP, forward files via FTP or perform other operations from a connected PC. The remote control connector can be used to load presets, switch the input signal, and transmit error logs. The new OP43 audio card for Leader’s LV5770 Multi-Monitor is available now.


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