Lemo at BVE 2012

Visit Lemo at Stand F50

LEMO will be demonstrating the full range of broadcast converters including the innovative new HD Z-link camera back as well as HD triax connectors and SMPTE HD fibre connectors and cable assemblies.

The new HD Z-Link fibre optic camera link system provides multi-channel system video and audio connections and control for studio cameras and camcorders alike, using standard LEMO camera cables which comply with both the SMPTE 304 connector standard and SMPTE 311 cable standard. The use of high bandwidth fibre optics and the multiplexing of the numerous forward and return video, audio, talkback and data channels provide full communication with almost any camera position. It consists of two components - a camera module and a base unit module. The camera module outer case is manufactured from aluminium providing a lightweight unit that is sufficiently robust for the intended application and supplied with a variety of battery adaptor plates. The base unit is a slim-line unit that fits into a 19” rack system only 1U high, and features a front panel with an easy-to-use menu for system set-up.

The HD Z-Link is compatible with a wide range of cameras from top end digital cinematography cameras and broadcast system cameras through to professional cameras and camcorders enabling most cameras to be connected to SMPTE hybrid fibre infrastructure and used as studio / broadcast cameras.

The HD Z-link will initially be provided in two versions – a basic version and a version with all features included.


The basic version is offered as a low cost entry-level product that includes 1.5Gb/s HD/SDI programme video up to 1080i, 8 AES stereo digital audio channels, 2 programme analogue audio channels, 2 return analogue audio channels, 2 intercom channels and Ethernet connectivity and is compatible with most SD and HD cameras. Support for remote control panels is available through serial comms, either RS232 or RS485, ensuring full camera control, and teleprompt and tally lights are also standard features. The basic version can be upgraded through firmware changes to add more options as required up to the full version whenever customer budgets permit.

The full version includes all the features of the basic version as well as features such as 3G/1080p programme and return video, two 1.5Gb/s programme video up to 1080i for  3D implementation and Dual-link operation. There is also an automatic Genlock /synchroniser management feature so one can match the timing of the video SDI signal to the reference or adjust the relative timing. For non-genlockable cameras the video from the camera can be resynchronised. An HD down converter allows the HD programme video signals to drive an SD output allowing an SD monitor to be used if required, and a test pattern generator is available to ensure video quality.


An optional hybrid power supply system is available, which takes the power from CCU end through the SMPTE cable and provides up to 100 watts power over and above that required to power the HD Z-link. Alternatively battery power for the HD Z-link and camera can be supplied through industry standard connections.

All these features make the new LEMO HD Z-link highly adaptable to a wide range of equipment and infrastructure with excellent operational and cost benefits for the broadcaster as a result.